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Haasp is the Sinestro Corps member of Sector 2937.


Haasp traveled the cosmos hunting the rarest and most endangered sentient species and selling their skins on the black market. When Haasp tried to kill one of the most endangered species in the universe his brother Harvid, a Green Lantern, arrested him and placed him in a Sciencell. Haasp was chosen to join the Sinestro Corps because of his ability to instill great fear, and his utter hatred for his brother became an obsession in which he was determined to hunt and skin Harvid.

Injustice Comic

Haasp appears in chapter eleven of the Year Two comic series, along with several dozen more Sinestro Corps members, ready to confront the Green Lanterns sent to Earth.

Haasp restrains several Green Lanterns while on Earth but is soon ordered to leave the planet after Superman decides to keep the Lanterns as prisoners of war. Haasp then departs with the rest of the Sinestro Corps.

Powers and Abilities

  • Wields Qwardian Power Ring
  • Accomplished hunter
  • Flight


Haasp is a heavy set, bearded humanoid alien wearing the standard Sinestro Corps uniform.