Grid online.

Grid is a Premier Skin for Cyborg in Injustice 2.


Grid is a rogue artificial intelligence created by Cyborg (set free from Cyborg's memory subsystems), desiring to evolve earth past humanity. He is also on a personal quest to learn human emotions and sensations.

Injustice 2

When Cyborg attempts to retake control of Brother Eye from Brainiac, Brainiac sets Grid free from Cyborg's memory subsystems, claiming that Cyborg has more potential that can't be reached due to his humanity. He is soon defeated by either Catwoman or Cyborg depending on the player's choices.


Grid's appearance is very similar to Cyborg's. However, Cyborg's human head is replaced by a silver metal skull (similar to that of the T-800 endoskeleton in the Terminator franchise) and Cyborg's red highlights are green.


  • Grid is the first member of the Crime Syndicate to appear in Injustice.
  • One of Grid's interaction quotes with Poison Ivy indicates that he welcomes the idea of romantic activity with her even though he is a robot, all in his quest to learn human emotion.
  • According to Power Girl, there is no Grid on her Earth, a fact that Grid states makes her Earth imperfect.
  • Grid and Reverse-Flash are the only premier skins to appear in story mode.
  • Hellboy mentions Grid is the first evil robot he's fought against.
  • Grid mentions that the Atom's notes are part of why he exists.
  • Grid can only be bought using a code from the Injustice 2 mobile app. Grid is redeemed in settings.
  • In the Story Mode, Grid states he is "liberated from the weaknesses of flesh and emotion". Ironically, in his interactions with the majority of the characters, he states he wishes to feel emotion






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