Injustice 2

Story Mode

  • "Grid online."
  • "I am your vast memory and intellect, liberated from the weakness of flesh and emotion."
  • "For years I dwelled as a subroutine within your system. An anomaly. I never fathomed an existence outside you. Now, I realize my perfection." - When player chooses Cyborg
  • "And your obsolescence."
  • "No aspect of Victor Stone's knowledge is unknown to me. Including the most efficient way to kill you, Selina Kyle." - When player chooses Catwoman

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"Analysis suggests you will not survive." Batman, Bizarro, Hellboy, Joker, Sub-Zero
"All of Victor Stone's knowledge is mine." Brainiac, Darkseid, Superman
"At least, you can feel something." Gorilla Grodd
"Do not inhibit my evolution." Cyborg, Doctor Fate, Robin, Vixen
"Do you comprehend the threat I pose?" Aquaman, Firestorm
"Do you experience the emotions of animals?" Vixen
"Do you fear your own death, Harley Quinn?" Harley Quinn
"Either way, your existence ends here." Black Manta, Green Arrow, Grid, Hellboy, Raiden
"Gender is irrelevant to my observation." Power Girl
"Guilt is a useless emotion." Deadshot, Green Lantern
"He is gravely mistaken." Firestorm
"Help me unleash my rage, Atrocitus." Atrocitus
"How do you bend humans to your will?" Gorilla Grodd
"How have I been replicated?" Grid
"I am curious about the Green's power." Swamp Thing
"I am machine, not man." Bane
"I am the Grid, humanity perfected." Atom, Hellboy, Jay Garrick
"I can predict your every move." The Flash
"I can sense your hostility toward me." Cyborg, Starfire, Sub-Zero
"I cannot fear you, Swamp Thing." Swamp Thing
"I do not consort with humans." Blue Beetle, Mr. Freeze
"I exist in part because of your research." Atom
"I have no need for flesh and bone." Enchantress
"I have no qualms destroying this world." Enchantress, Green Arrow, Michelangelo, Raiden
"I have no vulnerability to arrows." Green Arrow
"I have none you can exploit." Scarecrow
"I know everything about you." Black Manta
"I know many ways to kill you, Batman." Batman
"I know your every weakness, Superman." Superman
"I long to feel something." Michelangelo, Starfire
"I must evaluate the threat you pose." The Flash, Michelangelo, Raiden
"I must have access to this network." Vixen
"I only state observable facts." Jay Garrick
"I will be the last one you face." Sub-Zero
"I will do anything to feel something." Sub-Zero
"I will have the knowledge I seek." Mr. Freeze, Wonder Woman
"I will end your misery." Cyborg, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn
"I will upgrade my armor with your Scarab." Blue Beetle
"I would welcome the experience." Aquaman, Brainiac, Catwoman, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Poison Ivy, Supergirl
"If I could feel anything, it would be jealousy." Red Hood, Starfire
"If we joined, we could achieve emotion." Catwoman, Cyborg, Grid
"In a few minutes, you will not think at all." Black Canary
"It includes all known ways to kill you." Darkseid
"It is a marginal advantage." Black Lightning, Enchantress, John Stewart
"It is a skill I will rip from your mind." Gorilla Grodd
"It is marred by your humanity." Cyborg
"It will be insufficient against me." Catwoman
"It will give you no advantage." The Flash
"It will not be enough to save you." Atom, Black Lightning, Black Manta, Cyborg, Red Hood, Supergirl, Vixen
"Let us explore the difference." Joker
"My analysis of your cosmic power is complete." Darkseid
"My calculations are never wrong." Batman, Bizarro, Donatello, Hellboy, Joker, Wonder Woman
"My evolution negates this power." Enchantress, Reverse Flash
"My research has revealed your weaknesses." Black Canary, Wonder Woman
"My unleashed rage will have no equal." Atrocitus
"Mysticism cannot defeat rational thought." Cheetah, Doctor Fate
"No human can defeat me, Black Adam." Black Adam
"No matter. The trail ends here." Black Manta
"Open your archives to me, Arthur Curry." Aquaman
"Perfection is never accidental." Atom
"That is an attribute in which we share." Captain Cold
"That I will give anything to feel it." Mr. Freeze
"That is true of all women." Poison Ivy
"The attempt will end your life, Hal Jordan." Green Lantern
"The Grid is Bizarro's end." Bizarro
"The next step in your evolution." Brainiac, Cyborg
"Then we have an attribute in common." Superman
"Then your life serves no further purpose." Cyborg
"There is no record of you on this Earth." Raiden
"There is no safety for you in numbers." Black Adam
"Though I am no beast, I should." Wonder Woman
"What can you teach me about emotion?" Joker
"What do you see of my future, Doctor Fate?" Doctor Fate
"You are a more rational man than others." Black Lightning, John Stewart
"You are a very emotional woman." Power Girl
"You are an extraordinary thief." Captain Cold
"You are beneath me, Cyborg." Cyborg
"You are flesh... thus vulnerable." Cyborg, Darkseid, Superman
"You are more logical than most." Black Lightning, John Stewart
"You cannot match my machine intelligence." Gorilla Grodd
"You have no future, Damian Wayne." Robin
"You have no powers worth notice." Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Red Hood
"You are not clairvoyant." Doctor Fate
"You have the powers of Superman?" Supergirl
"You should comply." Aquaman
"You vibrate on an ultrasonic frequency." The Flash, Reverse Flash
"You will not feel that way momentarily." Harley Quinn
"You will not hinder my progress." Green Lantern
"You will serve my purposes, Bane." Bane
"Your existence is an affront to logic." Bizarro
"Your existence is defined by anger." Cyborg, Green Lantern, Red Hood
"Your files are incomplete, Black Manta." Black Manta
"Your form is horribly misshaped." Black Manta, Cheetah
"Your gas will be ineffective." Scarecrow
"Your pain will suffice." Starfire
"Your plans will be useless." Batman
"Your powers are not based on science." Cheetah
"Your primitive weapon cannot deceiving me." Green Arrow
"Your ship will serve my mission." Brainiac
"Your wife's disease is tragic." Mr. Freeze
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"Because I possess all human knowledge?" Black Manta
"Both emotions are a mystery to me." Wonder Woman
"Clearly, your Earth is imperfect." Power Girl
"From me, you will elicit no sympathy." Green Arrow
"He recognizes my inherent perfection." The Flash, Gorilla Grodd, Leonardo
"How hot is your Firestorm Matrix?" Firestorm
"I am Grid, the last being you will ever see." Batman, Captain Cold, Cyborg, Hellboy
"I am human intelligence evolved." John Stewart, Poison Ivy
"I am incapable of friendship." Swamp Thing
"I am impervious to fear, Batman." Batman
"I am not yet capable of human emotion." Atrocitus, Darkseid, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman
"I am rational. You are mad." Joker
"I am the future. I am perfection." Cyborg, Doctor Fate, Enchantress
"I am the original Grid." Grid
"I do not exist to humor you." Bizarro, Harley Quinn
"I do not understand, Deadshot." Deadshot
"I expect total victory." Black Adam
"I have no time for some distractions." Catwoman, Poison Ivy
"I know everything about you, Superman." Superman
"I seek only one thing... emotion." Red Hood
"I will achieve human emotion?" Brainiac, Doctor Fate, Reverse Flash
"I will be rid of you." Bizarro, Hellboy
"I will evolve this planet beyond humanity." Cyborg, Reverse Flash
"I will no longer be Victor Stone's slave." Atom, Raiden
"I will not submit to you." Harley Quinn
"I will rip the ability to feel from you." Michelangelo, Starfire, Wonder Woman
"In destroying you, perhaps I will gain emotion." Cyborg, Joker, Leonardo, Starfire, Sub-Zero, Superman, Vixen
"It is the logical to assume you could do either." Robin
"My hands are not what should worry you." Green Lantern
"My neural network will negate your speed." The Flash, Supergirl
"My systems can meet the challenge." Blue Beetle
"One freed from the confines of flesh." Darkseid
"That is illogical maxim." Black Manta, Cyborg, Mr. Freeze
"The same has been said of you, Sub-Zero." Sub-Zero
"There are an evolutionary dead end." Brainiac
"They can enable me to feel emotions?" Raiden
"What facts lead to that conclusion? " Black Canary
"What of my perfection is unappealing?" Jay Garrick
"Why is it you are sorry?" Vixen
"Why is that worthy of jealousy?" Mr. Freeze
"Why should it elicits emotion?" Cheetah
"Why would I depart without fighting you?" Green Arrow
"You are a threat to my future development." Supergirl
"You are incapable of harming me." Catwoman, Enchantress, Michelangelo
"You cannot threaten my existence." Red Hood
"You will aid my quest for emotion." Aquaman, Cyborg

In Battle

  • "Flesh makes thee weak."
  • "Have a nice day."
  • "How do you feel?"
  • "I am too advanced for you."
  • "Goodbye."
  • "If I could feel pride, I would."
  • "It is not me, it is you."
  • "My files on you were correct."
  • "That is humiliation you are feeling."
  • "The odds are against your survival."
  • "You are ill-equipped to defeat me."
  • "You are inferior in every way."
  • "You pale before my perfection."
  • "Your pain brings me no pleasure."
  • "You will not feel for much longer."


Defense Wagers

  • "You are entirely inferior."
  • "Are you in pain?"
  • "I am beyond you."
  • "Your flesh tires."
  • "Your death will not stir me."
  • "No one controls the Grid."
  • "You will not feel for much longer."
  • "I can sense your fear."

Attack Wagers

  • "My system cannot fail."
  • "I cannot be shutdown."
  • "Mathematically impossible."
  • "I am more than this body."
  • "I could not be more perfect."
  • "No facts support your thesis."
  • "You miscalculate the probabilities."
  • "Because you can feel agony." - Clash with Darkseid
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