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Beware my power!

John Stewart appears as a cameo in Injustice: Gods Among Us along with other Green Lanterns during Hal Jordan's victory pose.

He is also a skin for Green Lantern. He is classified as a Power User, using his power ring to create any object he imagines into solid green light. He is the compatibility skin for Martian Manhunter.

He is a prominent character in the Year Two comic series.


A former Marine and architect, John Stewart was originally chosen by the Guardians to be backup for Hal Jordan. Since then, John has become a heralded member of the Corps.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

John Stewart appears during Hal Jordan's victory pose, with other Lanterns from the Corps. If John is a playable Green Lantern, he will be the one who appeared in front of the Lanterns, including Hal Jordan.

Injustice 2

For Injustice 2: Ultimate Edition, John Stewart has been confirmed as a character skin. From his dialogue with other characters it is implied that he managed to survive Sinestro's betrayal and now fights against the Regime.

Powers and Abilities

See Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)#Powers and Abilities


John Stewart wears his variant of the Green Lantern uniform, with a bodysuit of green and black, the green areas predominately around his upper shoulders and lower legs, while the black segments make up his lower torso and thighs as well as his upper arms. He wears green armguards and displays the insignia of the Green Lantern Corps on his chest, with his ring on his right hand.

Below are the costumes from Injustice 2:


  • Green Lantern (John Stewart) is voiced by Phil LaMarr, the actor that voiced the character in the DCAU shows Justice League, Static Shock and Justice League Unlimited.
  • John Stewart appears as an in-game concept art for Green Lantern, possibly hinting that he was at one point considered to be the main Green Lantern in the game before Hal Jordan. Ultimately, John becomes an alternate skin for Hal just as Damian Wayne with Dick Grayson.
  • John Stewart's Green Lantern costume was revealed alongside Martian Manhunter during EVO.
  • Occasionally, during/after a combo, when John said the line "Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!", it was Hal Jordan's voice clips instead of Stewart's though. This was fixed in the most recent patch.
  • One of his interactions with Vixen reveals that they're in a relationship, as he says to her that he wanted to call her.
  • You can still see Stewart in the background during his outro.
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