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Golden Glider (February 5, 1993 - January 13, 2013) was a metahuman member of the Flash's Rogues, the sister of Captain Cold, and a member of Batman's Insurgency.


Lisa Snart was frequently viewed as the tag-a-long sister of Leonard Snart in the early days of the Rogues. Exposure to a deadly explosion gifted her with her powers, allowing her to fight alongside her brother and fellow Rogues.

Injustice Comic

Although she doesn't appear in Year Four, Golden Glider was among the prisoners of an underwater prison known as the Trench. Like the remaining Rogues, she was freed from imprisonment by Plastic Man. Rejoining the others, they are met quickly by Batman, who asks them to join his Insurgency, knowing the honor code that they have.

Following his advice, the Rogues begin making chaos around the world in order to bait out Superman in order to give Batman space to work on his next plan. Orchestrating attacks around the world, the Rogues are attacked by Bizarro, thinking himself to be the real Superman. Overpowered, Mirror Master shouts that Bizarro is not the real Superman, causing him to use his heat vision on the Rogues. Golden Glider was only barely able to save herself and Mirror Master, but Weather Wizard and Heat Wave are instantly killed.

The two are able to regroup to Batman and are enraged at his seemingly apathetic response to Bizarro's attack. They are also present to see Catwoman walk out of the Insurgency. Much later, she joins Mirror Master in the funeral for the dead Rogues. While she initially attempts to attack Flash who also arrived, the three later grieve together, and Flash promises not to turn them in.

Injustice 2

It is revealed by Captain Cold that all the remaining Rogues were eventually found and executed by the Regime before Superman was overthrown. Golden Glider's death, however, left him especially bitter against the associates of the Regime, even Flash. According to Captain Cold, she was executed publicly, by Wonder Woman, with many people cheering at her demise. Her demise caused a vengeful Captain Cold to abandon his code and join with the Society. 

Powers and Abilities

The Golden Glider is an olympic-level skilled skater who uses a wide array of powerful gadgetry, including a pair of experimental skates that can create their own ice, allowing her to skate on any surface, even on midair. Aside from this, she has jewelry-themed gadgets.

Golden Glider possess metahuman abilities including intangibility, allowing her to survive a heat blast from Bizarro.