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Flayt is the Sinestro Corps member of Sector 2751.


Flayt has the ability to deplete the power cells of ships to which it will attach. Flayt was responsible for causing a large number of ships to be stranded without any power during the Tristram-Zanner Imperial War. His ability to inspire fear eventually led to his recruitment into the Sinestro Corps.

Injustice Comic

Flayt makes his first appearance in chapter eleven of the Year Two comic series, summoned alongside dozens of other Sinestro Corps members to battle the Green Lanterns on Earth.

Flayt uses his ring to restrain several Green Lanterns, but after they choose to surrender themselves as prisoners of war, he departs the Earth on Sinestro's orders. With the destruction of the Sinestro Corps, Flayt's final fate is uncertain.

Powers and Abilities

  • Wields Qwardian Power Ring
  • Flight
  • Construct creation


Flayt resembles an alien manta ray with the symbol of the Sinestro Corps engraved on his front.