Injustice 2

Story Mode

Jason Rusch

  • "For real, Jaime. Batman does not think we're important. Aliens are invading and we're on guard duty?"
  • "Who already have guards. We're guarding guards. We're redundant!"
  • "Listen to yourselves you two! We're bad-asses! and bad-asses belong on the front lines."
  • "Hm. I can get behind that..."
  • "Or the Superman Fan Club."
  • "Game on."
  • "The Power Center! If it goes down, those generators shut off."
  • "Here's the plan: One of us takes Adam, the other re-starts the generators before Superman gets loose."
  • "Fix that generator." - When player chooses him
  • "Science. Basic impedance field."
  • "Schooled you, Mr. Wisdom." - After defeated Black Adam
  • "Let's circle back, lock down Superman's cell..."
  • "Professor Stein wants to teach Oedipus here to respect his elders." - When player chooses him
  • "Bet you were one of those students thought he was smarter than the teacher."
  • "Class dismissed." - After defeated Nightwing
  • "She is not out of our league! What happened to your confidence?"
  • "C'mon. Batman's counting on us."
  • "What's your melting point, Cyborg?"
  • "We need to reactivate that console before Superman powers up..."
  • "I want Cyborg." - When player chooses him
  • "I was a fan when you were QB for the Ford Titans. You had a cannon arm, even then. Never thought I'd be your prison guard."
  • "Nobody's cheering for you now." - After defeated Cyborg
  • "Here's the thing, Superman. Batman asked us for help. He didn't draft us, make us sign a loyalty oath, or threaten us with jail..."
  • "Kryptonians, huh? The Professor knows how to deal with you."
  • "Surrender and this stops..."
  • "What did I tell ya? We got game."
  • "Professor and I trapped Wonder Woman under ten feet of steel."
  • "Let's finish this." - When player chooses him
  • "Should've surrendered." - After defeated Supergirl
  • "Where's Wonder Woman?"
  • "You want me to do what? Professor, that's crazy! Maybe we can control it, but--"
  • "You're right. There's no other option. Get outta here, Jaime."
  • "It's the only way. Now, go!"
  • "Leave. All of you. Or you'll get helluva lot worse than a sunburn..."
  • "I'd save the Earth..."
  • "Listen, Batman. About the prison, we--"
  • "Brainiac unified our dueling minds. No longer divided, we think as one..."
  • "Brainiac has unlocked the Green's power. He has mastered the Firestorm Matrix."
  • "All knowledge will be subsumed under his collection."
  • "Your immense power is finite. The Firestorm Matrix has no limits." - When player chooses Superman
  • "A Batarang. Against a quantum vortex?" - When player chooses Batman
  • "Boron. Indium. Cadmium. That was a--"
  • "Yeah. Yeah. We're both here. What happened?"
  • "Like we needed that."
  • "Sounds like a job for Firestorm. Good luck!"

Martin Stein

  • "Jason, you need to stay back. Take in the bigger picture."
  • "Jamie's right. We haven't mastered these powers yet."
  • "This is the front line. Brainiac running amok is a crisis. Brainiac and Superman both? That's an apocalypse."
  • "Either way, I suggest we fuse."

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"...Produces an equal and opposite reaction." Firestorm
"A genius who just told me how to beat you." Swamp Thing
"All juiced up, I see." Bane, Reverse Flash
"Alright, I go easy on you." Batman
"Am I in the right dimension?" Bizarro, Firestorm, Supergirl
"Ammonium nitrate plus fire equals boom." Swamp Thing
"And thus, you rarely see the outsides of prisons." Deadshot
"Are you creative enough to survive?" Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze
"Batman said we should meet here." Black Canary, LeonardoRaphael, Red Hood
"Batman sends his regards." Joker, Poison Ivy
"Batman wants it turned into helium." Scarecrow
"Best back off, Lawton." Deadshot
"Better, but still lame." Green Arrow
"Better hope the answer's yes." The Flash
"Brainiac's attacking Earth's cities!" Aquaman
"Can you speed-heal radiation sickness?" The Flash
"Cause things are about to get hot." Black Manta, Darkseid, Firestorm
"Doesn't mean we just give up." Poison Ivy
"Don't worry, he doesn't eat much." Blue Beetle
"Drop your gun and I won't hurt you." Deadshot
"Finally! You hear that, professor?" Batman, Raiden
"Gonna need more than lightning, Adam." Black Adam
"Gonna regret this, Bane." Bane
"Gonna scorch that smile off your face!" Joker
"Got that right." Atrocitus, Doctor Fate
"Got the first two. Don't need the third." Green Arrow
"Guess it's a fair fight then." Doctor Fate, John Stewart, Starfire, Supergirl
"Guess the Amazons stopped at Aristotle." Wonder Woman
"Ha! Losing to me will." Blue Beetle
"Heard Newton's third law of physics?" Firestorm, Wonder Woman
"Helluva easier to hit you too!" The Flash
"Here's what we call "The Converse"." Deadshot
"Hotter than the sun itself!" Grid
"How about a little fire, Scarecrow?" Scarecrow
"How can you rant about injustice?" Gorilla Grodd
"I don't need your help, Atrocitus!" Atrocitus
"I hear you nearly took down Superman." Black Canary, Power Girl
"I only fight people with powers." Catwoman, Green Arrow, Vixen
"I want to see how that armor comes off." Blue Beetle
"I was just trying to be polite." Robin
"I'll send you over the rainbow." Scarecrow
"I'll take that as a compliment." Cheetah, Raphael
"I'll toast you like a marshmallow." Bizarro, Donatello, Green Arrow, Hellboy, Jay Garrick, Joker, John Stewart, MichelangeloSupergirl
"I'm his new bad-ass." Poison Ivy
"I'm not the hothead people think I am." Atrocitus
"Insanity's not a power, Harley." Harley Quinn
"Is it true you got an Arrow Cave?" Green Arrow
"Is this a pop quiz?" Batman
"It is. Atlantis is next." Aquaman
"It's so tempting to turn you into clay!" Wonder Woman
"It's two against one, Fate." Doctor Fate
"It's what a hero would do." Cyborg
"Jeez, kid." Robin
"Just the power to manipulate energy!" Green Lantern
"Let's turn up the heat!" Black Manta, Cheetah, Hellboy, MichelangeloStarfire, Sub-Zero, Supergirl
"Liking the bug suit yet?" Blue Beetle
"Loser's buying dinner, Jaime!" Blue Beetle
"Magic can't beat science!" Black Adam
"Magic vs. science: The ultimate showdown." Doctor Fate, Enchantress, Wonder Woman
"Maybe we'll knock one of 'em loose." Firestorm
"Miss the old red sunlamps much?" Superman
"Mommy tell you not to touch a hot stove?" Robin
"N-no." Cyborg, Enchantress
"Never fought underwater before." Aquaman
"Never pull a gun on a nuke." Captain Cold, Hellboy
"Next time, professor, I'll do the trash talking." Atom, Scarecrow
"No... but he's working on it!" Brainiac
"Not if you melt down first." Black Manta, Captain Cold, Superman
"Not me. But for the professor? Big time." Harley Quinn
"Not mine." Bane
"Oh, man. Now you're showing me!" Blue Beetle
"Only 'cause she hasn't met me!" Blue Beetle
"Prepare to get burned!" Cheetah, Enchantress, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, Joker, LeonardoMichelangeloMr. Freeze, Power Girl, Reverse Flash, Sub-Zero, Supergirl, Wonder Woman
"Professor. Know any Botany?" Swamp Thing
"Professor says you're freakin' ancient." Black Adam, Raiden
"Professor Stein is smarter than you." Atom, Brainiac, Mr. Freeze
"Put me in, coach. I can play!" Batman
"Science has come a long way, lady." Wonder Woman
"Skill can't top nuclear power." Catwoman
"So me and Jaime, we did good, yeah?" Batman
"So when do I meet the famous Brenda?" Blue Beetle
"So why didn't he tell me that?" Catwoman
"So your suit's made of hard light energy. " Green Lantern
"So's your ego." Superman
"Sun's a lump of coal next to me." Starfire, Superman
"Tell me you're not Deathstorm." Firestorm
"That is seriously freakin' cool!" Atrocitus, Black Canary, Green Lantern, Hellboy, Power Girl, Raiden, Red Hood, Supergirl, Superman, Vixen
"That's a compliment, right?" Batman, Bizarro
"That's not how he describes you." Joker
"That's nothing compared to nuclear power." Green Lantern, Reverse Flash
"That's quite the chemistry set you got." Donatello, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow
"The smell, initially." Gorilla Grodd
"The Speed Force energy pattern is unique." The Flash
"Then let's get this class in session." Black Canary, Donatello, Sub-Zero
"Then let's nudge you into retirement." Black Adam, Black Lightning
"Then your BP must be sky high." Atrocitus, Red Hood
"These flames aren't just for show." Bizarro, Darkseid, Enchantress, Grid, Supergirl, Superman
"This is gonna be over too quick." Joker
"This isn't gonna be awkward, is it?" Harley Quinn, Supergirl
"Want to know where I'm kicking your ass to?" Brainiac, Leonardo
"Welcome to the bonfire." Green Arrow, Jay Garrick, MichelangeloSupergirl
"Well, at least there's that." Firestorm, Green Lantern, Raphael
"Wet, dry--I'm still nuclear." Aquaman
"What are you made of anyway?" Cyborg
"What is it with villains and ray guns?" Captain Cold
"What makes you think you can take me?" Cheetah, John Stewart
"What's Batman think I'll learn from you?" Green Arrow, Sub-Zero
"What's the energy that powers your ring?" Green Lantern
"What's with the Batman obsession?" Joker
"Where are you from again?" Brainiac, Leonardo, Power Girl
"When do I get called to the big leagues?"  Batman, Raiden
"Why you gotta hate on people?" Atrocitus, John Stewart, Poison Ivy, Reverse Flash
"Wish you were on our team." Robin, Superman
"You always like this?" Atrocitus, Harley Quinn, Joker, Raphael, Red Hood
"You bleed Venom?" Bane
"You mean beyond me whoopin' your ass?" Firestorm
"You must be Grodd." Gorilla Grodd
"You really made of clay?" Wonder Woman
"You were my hero, Stone." Cyborg
"You're a walking bomb." Starfire, Swamp Thing
"You're backing the wrong team." Catwoman
"You're just as bad, if not worse." Gorilla Grodd
"You're just perpetuating a stereotype." Captain Cold
"You're today's guinea pig." Atom, Darkseid, The Flash, Vixen
"You've got a professor in there with ya?" Firestorm
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"A thermonuclear catastrophe." Supergirl
"Afraid you'll get burned?" Black Manta, The Flash, Green Arrow, Hellboy, MichelangeloSwamp Thing
"And fired up for this fight!" Atrocitus
"And then some, Cheetah." Cheetah
"And you're only half a one." Cyborg
"Because I'm his enforcer." Scarecrow
"Call it survival instinct." Brainiac
"Gonna have to get through me first." Bizarro, Deadshot
"Heh, a played-out theme, don't ya think?" Captain Cold
"He's supposed to be there!" Harley Quinn
"How hot is too hot?" MichelangeloStarfire, Vixen
"How young do you think I am?" Green Arrow
"How's it do against atom bombs?" Wonder Woman
"I can do things you won't believe." Black Canary, John Stewart, Raiden, Reverse Flash, Sub-Zero, Superman
"I can go nuclear in seconds." Black Manta, Captain Cold, Mr. Freeze, Red Hood
"I can say the same, Poison Ivy." Poison Ivy
"I mean... he's the Batman." Robin, Wonder Woman
"I'm a lot more dangerous." Supergirl
"I'm gonna be around here a while." Joker
"I'm just here to pull a big fish." Aquaman
"I'm ready to fight with fire." Darkseid, Enchantress, Starfire, Sub-Zero
"It's a surprise, Superman." Superman
"It's like thinking in stereo." Doctor Fate, Enchantress
"It's more a curse than a gift." Cheetah
"It's personal? Not business?" Deadshot
"It's says I'm here to kickass!" Joker
"It's two times the trouble." Wonder Woman
"Just shut up and fight!" Blue Beetle, Hellboy, John Stewart, Joker, Raphael, Red Hood
"Let's go, crazy woman." Harley Quinn
"Me and the professor can back it up." Aquaman, Power Girl
"Meet the Firestorm Matrix." Atom, Bane, Reverse Flash
"Nah, he's more of a navigator." Green Arrow
"No. I'm Firestorm." Firestorm
"One of them's a Noble Prize winner." Black Adam, Donatello
"Or your ship apparently." Brainiac
"Pet project? I'm Batman's muscle." Superman
"Professor and me aren't one trick ponies." Black Adam, Supergirl
"Professor said this'll be easy." Black Lightning, Donatello, Green Arrow, Grid, Jay Garrick, Mr. Freeze
"Relax, Barry. Just a little hazing." The Flash
"Says the woman who fights in fishnets." Black Canary
"Tell me what, Hal?" Green Lantern
"That means twice the power." Scarecrow
"That some Santa Priscan resort?" Bane
"That's kind of a thing with you, isn't it?" Atrocitus, Batman, The Flash, Leonardo
"That's right. I'll show you why." Batman, Joker, Raiden, Swamp Thing
"The weeping angel on your shoulder?" Robin
"This could have serious consequences." Black Lightning, Firestorm
"Time to get back to it." Cyborg
"To protect against friction?" The Flash
"Used to until the professor hit the books." Poison Ivy
"We both feel it and deal it." Supergirl
"We're inseparable." Doctor Fate
"We're not here to sing Kumbaya." Harley Quinn
"We've had enough dictators!" Superman, Wonder Woman
"What does it look like?" Green Lantern
"What gives, Jaime?!" Blue Beetle
"Yeah... One body exerting force on another..." Firestorm
"Yeah? What's mine?" Batman
"Yep! Loser's the other's sidekick." Blue Beetle, LeonardoRaphael
"Yep. You too, huh?" Bizarro, Firestorm
"You can talk to the professor?!" Gorilla Grodd
"You can't beat us both, Grodd." Gorilla Grodd

In Battle

  • "Feel the burn!"
  • "Feel the Fury of Firestorm!"- After winning a round
  • "Good thinking, professor!"
  • "Got to burn to shine!"
  • "I will melt you."
  • "I impress me."
  • "Busted your thermostat."
  • "Take that, Kryptonian!"


Defense Wagers

  • "Here comes the fallout."
  • "Figured out how to beat me?"
  • "We got 'em, Professor!"
  • "I'll go nuclear!"
  • "Two minds are better than one."
  • "Feeling the nuclear decay?"
  • "Fire can be a sign of hope."
  • "Got you steamed yet?"
  • "We've gotta stop this!"
  • "You old-timers can fight."
  • "Temperature's rising."
  • "Ever see fission up close?"
  • "You familiar with the laws of physics?"
  • "You're in my blast zone."
  • "Big storm's coming now."
  • "We're going nuclear!"
  • "I can torch you, you know."
  • "What do you think you're doing?"
  • "Bet you wish you knew science now."
  • "You gotta stop this."
  • "Be ashamed to burn fur." - Clash with Atrocitus or Cheetah
  • "f I can transmute your Venom..." - Clash with Bane
  • "Matrix smashes Scarab." - Clash with Blue Beetle
  • "Last warning, Miss Kyle." - Clash with Catwoman
  • "Go back to the jungle!" - Clash with Cheetah or Gorilla Grodd
  • "4th and a mile for victory." - Clash with Cyborg
  • "I can turn lead into gold." - Clash with Deadshot or Red Hood
  • "Give it up, Doctor!" - Clash with Doctor Fate
  • "Your arrows aren't landing." - Clash with Green Arrow
  • "Boiling over, Harley?" - Clash with Harley Quinn
  • "Heat vision is so old-school." - Clash with Supergirl
  • "You used to inspire me." - Clash with Superman

Attack Wagers

  • "Not while I'm still burning."
  • "Professor and I don't think so."
  • "The Professor says no."
  • "Can't put out these flames."
  • "More like nuclear synthesis."
  • "You know this is a fight, right?"
  • "Think the radiation's getting to ya."
  • "Freaked out by a little fusion?"
  • "Why? Can't take the heat?"
  • "Stein calls that motivation."
  • "Now you're getting it."
  • "We're just getting warmed up."
  • "Forget more creative."
  • "I'd rather freestyle."
  • "Put on your SPF-1,000,000."
  • "Then I guess you're practice."
  • "Being a hero ain't no thing."
  • "Don't forget the Professor."
  • "It ain't bragging if it's true."
  • "More like nucleosynthesis." - Clash with himself
  • "The deeper, the better." - Clash with Aquaman
  • "Just... Blargh..." - Clash with Atrocitus
  • "Junkie see, junkie do." - Clash with Bane
  • "And you're fighting a W.M.D." - Clash with Blue BeetleEnchantress or Robin
  • "Gonna need a bigger gun." - Clash with Captain Cold, Deadshot, Mr. Freeze or Red Hood
  • "Can't steal my win, Catwoman." - Clash with Catwoman
  • "Two minds. One beatdown." - Clash with Cheetah
  • "Bring it, robo-jerk." - Clash with Cyborg or Grid
  • "It's just getting stoked." - Clash with Doctor Fate
  • "I hate candle jokes." - Clash with The Flash or Supergirl
  • "Completely different matrix." - Clash with Joker
  • "Good thing there's two in here." - Clash with Scarecrow
  • "I'm a candle. I get it!" - Clash with Supergirl
  • "Steel melts, hotshot." - Clash with Superman
  • "No tricks. Just science." - Clash with Wonder Woman
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