DeSaad is a sadistic New God of Apokolips, and longtime adviser and confidant of the dread lord, Darkseid.

Injustice Comic

Year four

DeSaad appears during Darkseid battle versus Superman and tells them to stop before Apokalips explode. But Darkseid dosen't like being commanded and kills him with a Omega Blast.

Injustice vs Masters of the Universe

DeSaad first appear when Mantis calls him  while he programes Parademons and makes him realize that Darkseid has fallen and that he must use the Orbital Intimidator. he fires in the Battlefield but Supergirl break trought the place and ask him to deactivate all Parademons in which he agrees after Supergirl beat him up. He then escape by a emergency Boom tube with Mantis and Granny Goodness and when they arrive to Apokalips, they realize that Apokalips was burned down by Atrocitus who is now part of the Horde Corps lead by Hordak.


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