Injustice 2 Comic

Deadshot was with Rick Flag and Amanda Waller when they tried to capture Harley Quinn. During the operation, Deadshot was pessimistic of Clock King, Magpie, Moth Man and Polka-Dot Man's performance against Harley's Horde, a prediction that later proved true as the four failed to stop them. As the horde attempted reached the Quiver to warn Harley, Deadshot sniped all four of them. Harley later refused Waller's request to have her join the squad, and after she tried to escape, Deadshot shot her down from a nearby building. When Harley Quinn woke up, she was introduced to the Suicide Squad where Deadshot was seen as one of the members of the group. Batman, however, arrives to kill Waller to take the squad for himself instead. Deadshot then assists Batman in escaping the Pentagon. The squad is given its first assignment, to attack Stryker's Island. During the mission, Deadshot attempts to attack both Green Arrow and Black Canary, only to be knocked out by Harley from behind. Though successful, Deadshot immediately shouts at Harley for attacking him. When the real Batman invades Ra's Al Ghul's sanctuary, Deadshot joins the rest of the squad in trying to defend the area from Batman's allies. The resulting fight from both parties eventually destroys the sanctuary, leaving the Suicide Squad to accompany Ra's to Gorilla City. During their visit, Grodd launches a coup against Solovar, but Deadshot helps defend Al Ghul from the rebels. When Jason Todd, Nightwing, Animal Man and Vixen later on betray Al Ghul and attempt to escape, Animal Man and Damian are caught by the squad, with Deadshot killing the former. As time passes, Deadshot shows more interest over Killer Croc's relationship with Killer Orca. This eventually culminates in Lawton and the other members pushing Croc to marry Orca. After Croc and Orca depart, Grodd invades Gorilla City once more. Though the squad are able to rescue Ra's Al Ghul, Deadshot realizes that Grodd now has the tablet controlling the bombs wired in their heads. Grodd then orders Deadshot to execute Solovar, which is done in quick fashion.

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