The Cyborg Superman appears in Injustice: Gods Among Us as a Premier Skin for Superman. He is classified as a Power User.


Originally a member of the doomed Excalibur shuttle mission, Hank Henshaw returned under the guise of Cyborg Superman following the death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday. His villainous acts are many, including the destruction of Coast City.

Role in Injustice

The Cyborg Superman functions as an alternate skin for Superman.

Powers and Abilities

See: Superman#Powers_and_Abilities. In addition to possessing Superman's powers, he can also control all machinery he comes into contact with.


The Cyborg Superman wears a red and black variant of Superman's classic costume, with the entire right side of his chest and right arm exposed as mechanical prosthesis. His entire jaw and the upper left portion of his face are also mechanical, with what little of Superman's actual face that is visible being identical (Except Cyborg Superman has brown eyes instead of blue eyes like Superman), down to the spit-curl in his hair.


  • Cyborg Superman came as a free skin for the Zatanna compatibility pack.
  • While still voiced by George Newbern, his voice is filtered to sound mechanical.
  • Cyborg Superman uses a unique mix of the standard Superman costume quotes and Regime Superman costume quotes.
  • Cyborg Superman is the only skin for Superman to have the Regime Superman outro but not the Regime Superman intro.
  • Cyborg Superman wears several Qwardian Rings on his right hand, a reference to when he was one of the Heralds of Fear for Sinestro's Corps


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