The Clock King is a foe of Batman who makes a cameo in the Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic.


Temple Fugate was a junior lawyer known for his punctuality and strict adherence to schedules. During one of his commutes, Hamilton Hill suggested he'd break his schedule so that he could relax one day, and so, Fugate changed his schedule - he took his break 15 minutes later. But he lost important documents, and searching for them meant he was late for a court appearance. When he found out Hill was working for the rival firm in that case, he accused him of deliberately undermining the case. Driven mad, he took it upon himself to ruin Hill's career and after learning the entire time schedule of Gotham City, crowned himself the Clock King.

Injustice Comic

Clock King appears briefly in the villain's only bar, World's End, visibly shocked by the sudden appearance of Wonder Woman and The Flash in their search for Mirror Master.

Injustice 2 Comic

Clock King was seen as one of the members of the Suicide Squad formed by Amanda Waller. After an imposter Batman takes control of the squad Clock King is killed, alongside many other villains, for being useless: his head is blown up by the fake Batman's head bomb remote.

Powers and Abilities

The Clock King's skill lies in his knowledge of schedules and timing, using this with his tactical mind to form complex strategies to confound and overcome his enemies. On top of this, he is a trained swordsman.


Clock King wears a neatly pressed brown suit complete with bowler hat, his tie and glasses each embroiled with clock sigils.


  • While there has been two characters called the Clock King in DC Comics, this Clock King is visibly based off the original character given the codename created for the Batman: Animated Series cartoon.
  • This is Temple Fugate's first appearance in a comic.
  • He is seen briefly during Hellboy's arcade ending, along with Two-Face, Riddler and the Penguin being loaded into a paddy wagon after being arrested by Hellboy.
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