Chaselon is the Green Lantern of Sector 1416.


Chaselon was a native of Barrio III and the Green Lantern of Space Sector 1416. Chaselon was one of the Green Lanterns used as a power source by the Cyborg Superman for his new model of Manhunters, the Highmasters. He was rescued after Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner discovered the operation.

Injustice Comic


Chaselon was one of the many Green Lanterns sent to investigate Sinestro's tyrannical rule over Korugar and he witnessed the insane Lantern's attack on Kilowog before Hal Jordan stripped Sinestro of his ring.

Year Two

Chaselon returns to Oa along with thousands of other Green Lanterns. He then joins Kilowog's small strike team for Earth to aid in capturing Superman for trial.

Powers and Abilities

Chaselon's natural durability is enhanced by his power ring, while also granting him flight, beam and barrier projection, as well as construct creation.


Chaselon is a spherical alien with skin texture similar to diamonds or another fine jewel. He has four tentacles and his Green Lantern ring is worn on his right tentacle, with the Corps sigil burning on his chest.

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