Bud & Lou are Harley Quinn's pet hyenas. They appear as non-playable characters in Injustice 2. They are also her Character Power.


Harley Quinn stole the two from a high-class criminal who intended to sell them as exotic pets, and from that moment Bud and Lou became fiercely loyal to her. They follow Harley in her adventures, and obediently follow only her or her allies.

Injustice 2

The duo appear during Harley Quinn's intro, and they aid her during her Super Move and special attacks. In Harley's Super Move, she sics Bud and & Lou to attack her opponent, and they pin her opponent to the ground, mauling them. Harley calls them away as she slams her baseball bat onto her opponent.

However, they mke no appearances in the Story Mode at all.

Powers and Abilities

Being regular hyenas, Bud & Lou lack any special abilities. However, due to their size, they are more than capable of overpowering an adult human with little effort.


Bud & Lou resemble the average male hyena with Bud having a pink mane, and Lou having a green mane. The two also wear studded leather collars.


  • Like Harley Quinn, Bud & Lou made their first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series before their debut in the comics.
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