Brother Eye is an A.I. created by Bruce Wayne for global surveillance. Harleen Quinzel was put in charge of monitoring the data that Brother Eye collected.


An A.I. satellite designed to monitor all metahuman activity on Earth, Brother Eye assisted both the heroes OMAC and Batman, even helping in a cosmic chrisis. Eventually, however, he decided all metahumans were a threat, and created an army of O.M.A.C.s to whipe them out.

Role in Injustice

Bruce Wayne designs Brother Eye to help him monitor the world after The Regime fell, but unbeknownst to him the alien Brainiac takes control of Brother Eye, using his sensors to increase his knowledge of the planet and to take control of any useful system. Thanks to Cyborg, Brother Eye is eventually restored, and he resumes his work as Batman's guardian of the world, coordinating the attack against Brainiac.

In the game, he serves as the announcer.

Powers and abilities

As an artificial intelligence, Brother Eye is not subjected to old age or death. He can monitor the entire planet and beyond, collecting any kind of data and connecting with any digital system.


  • In the comic, Brother Eye is an artificial intelligence Batman created after Zatanna mind wiped about what she and other league members did to Dr. Light. Said artificial intelligence went rogue and became one of Batman's greatest failures.
  • In the comic, the password leading to Brother Eye's room is Beef Bourguignon, Superman's favorite dish.
  • One of the Stand down commands is LK-4D4, which is the codename of Cyrax, a cyborg ninja from another game made by NetherRealm Studios known famously as Mortal Kombat.
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