Michael Jon Carter, better known as Booster Gold, is a time traveler and a superhero. He is close friends with Ted Kord.


Booster Gold came to say his farewells to Booster and warned him for his upcoming demise. He helped Ted preparing, but said he couldn't intervene, because he already tried to prevent it three times and he said that he was a Booster Gold from years later (in actual years) since their last meeting (this meaning that he was punished for his intervence). Before he left Ted, he said he will be there at the end.

Booster Gold visted Ted during his last living minutes.

Booster Gold visits Blue Beetle weeks later (hours for him) to be his mentor as he promised to Ted. Booster and Blue Beetle received later that night a message from Skeets that both of them will be responsible for Ra's his downfall.


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