Ted Kord is a brilliant scientist who was formerly the Blue Beetle and the mentor of Jaime Reyes, he was killed by Killer Croc and Orca.


Ted is first seen at Kord industries after Jaime Reyes failed his training. After Jaime goes back home, he meets Batman who was in the dark long enough to witness Jaime training. Although Ted thought that he was here to recruit Jaime, Batman says no and that he is too young and that he just wanted Ted to come at the meeting tomorrow and he tells him that he'll be there. Booster Gold shows up right after Batman leaves and tells him that he will be there at the end and Ted understands what's happening. Later he suits up with his old Blue Beetle costume and prepares to fight the suicide squad with Damian at their side but Katana cuts off his right hand and got captured. He is later seen on TV when Ra's al ghul ordered the execution of those in charge with the most destructive businesses on earth. At his last breath, he sees Booster Gold and tells him to watch after Jaime before dying.

Later the justice league appears at his funeral along with Jaime.


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