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Ted Kord is a brilliant scientist who was formerly the Blue Beetle and the mentor of Jaime Reyes, he was killed by Killer Croc and Orca.


Ted is first seen Kord Industries training Jaime Reyes. After Jaime leaves, he meets Batman who had been waiting in the next room. He briefly argues With Batman over bringing Jaime into the field, before Batman reveals his true intention for coming and invites him to a meeting. After Ted agrees to come Batman leaves with Booster Gold showing up shortly after. Booster informs Ted of his impending demise, explaining his attempts to prevent it and that none succeeded. Ted proceeds to put on his Blue Beetle suit in preparation for the fight, with Booster telling him "I'll be there at the end" before leaving. Soon after the Suicide Squad along with Damian Wayne arrive to take Ted. Ted attempts to confront them, but before much of a fight can begin Ted's hand is severed by Katana and which leads to him being easily taken by his assailants. Ted is next seen on Ra's al Ghul's broadcast of the excecution of CEOs whose large companies have had destructive effects on the Earth. In his final moments Booster Gold appears before Ted to fulfill his promise and say his goodbyes, As a final request Ted asks that Booster train Jaime before passing away, Later the Justice League attends his funeral along with Jaime.