Injustice 2

Story Mode

  • "Guarding Superman and his cronies."
  • "I'd rather be in here than out there. This suit's an alien war machine."
  • "And you guys' Firestorm matrix? We could take on Brainiac and boom--accidentally blow up the world."
  • "So we're the only thing between crisis and apocalypse?"
  • "Brainiac?"
  • "Red sun cell's secure. Must be the Power Center."
  • "And he flies right outta here."
  • "Guess we're on the front lines now." - When player chooses him
  • "Maybe I really am a bad-ass..." - After defeating Black Adam
  • "If your papi's weak, what does that make you?"
  • "I'll teach this mocoso a lesson." - When player chooses him
  • "Hope I never have a kid like you."
  • "You should respect your familia." - After defeating Nightwing
  • "Ella esta sobre tu nivel..."
  • "Kryptonians happened!"
  • "The Red Sun Generators!" 
  • "I think I got this." - When player chooses him
  • "Sweet arm cannon. I got one too."
  • "If you ever want tips, let me know." - After defeating Cyborg
  • "Let's switch partners..." - When player chooses him
  • "No. But I know what Superman can do..."
  • "Guess you belong here too." - After defeating Supergirl
  • "Out cold. We won't be seeing her for a while..."
  • "Guey, you took down a Kryptonian!"
  • "Jesucristo, Jason! You're gonna nuke us!?"
  • "What the...?!"
  • "The Scarab's hard to kill."
  • "Batman told me you guys needed a hand. Consider me your sidekick."
  • "This armor is wasted on a child. When we're finished, I'll tear the Scarab from his body..." - When player chooses Aquaman
  • "And make it's power my own!"
  • "So many ways to kill you..." - When player chooses Black Adam

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"...And very angry." Bane, Enchantress
"All I said was I might hurt you." Firestorm
"Alright, I warned you." Atom, Batman, Firestorm, Grid, John Stewart, Red Hood, Vixen
"Alright, man. Your funeral." Atrocitus, Batman, Donatello, The Flash, Green Lantern, Grid, Hellboy, Superman
"At least I asked." Cyborg, Michelangelo
"Bane of all existence." Bane
"Batman says you need training." Supergirl
"Batman's gonna kill me." Catwoman
"Beetled? Gonna get blue beetled." Aquaman, Green Arrow
"Bet it's hard to breathe in that thing." Black Manta, Doctor Fate
"Better not be glitter." Scarecrow
"Blue Beetle, coming 'atcha." Brainiac, Green Lantern, Leonardo
"But it sure fits easy on a bumper sticker." Aquaman
"Come on! I'm freakin' 18!" Wonder Woman
"Didn't stop you with Shazam." Superman
"Don't be picking a fight with a Scarab." Batman, Bizarro, Wonder Woman
"Don't know. Scarab's pretty boss." Batman, Black Lightning, Power Girl
"Flash..." The Flash
"Gonna need to see some ID." Blue Beetle, Leonardo
"Good. Wasn't on my calendar." Doctor Fate
"Good thing for you is housebroken." Aquaman, Green Arrow, Joker, Superman
"Got a cell waiting with your name on it." Aquaman, Superman
"Got any hobbies besides killing?" Black Manta, Deadshot
"Gotcha beat there, too." Cyborg
"Gotta have dreams, don't I?" Black Canary
"Gotta say... it's weird of you being a good guy." Harley Quinn, Sub-Zero
"Guess I'll be taking yours away." Superman
"Guess I'm about to be lucky twice." Black Adam
"Guess that means I gotta win." Black Canary, Harley Quinn, Power Girl
"Hal Jordan? No way!" Green Lantern
"Heh... Thought I was funnier." Blue Beetle
"Hope you don't mind second billing." Black Lightning, Firestorm
"How about community service?" Deadshot
"How about I tingle yours?" Joker
"How about we dial back the evil, Grodd?" Gorilla Grodd
"How many times has Batman beat you?" Scarecrow
"How's it feel, the professor all up in your head?" Firestorm
"I am hopelessly confused." Bizarro, Catwoman, Darkseid, Donatello
"I can live with that." Batman, Jay Garrick, Poison Ivy
"I just don't wanna add more." Harley Quinn
"I know. But it's like... Batman's orders." Poison Ivy
"I like to make it interesting." Brainiac, Wonder Woman
"I'll show you kindness." Gorilla Grodd
"I'll take that as a no." Atrocitus, Bane, Black Manta
"I'm looking to catch up." Scarecrow
"I'm no fan of hitting girls." Power Girl, Supergirl
"Informal mocking it is." Aquaman
"Is this really necessary?" Catwoman, Donatello, Harley Quinn
"It's Beetle vs. Bat." Batman
"It's powerful. I'll give you that." Swamp Thing
"Just don't change back while we're fighting." Harley Quinn
"Just my luck. Freak of nature." AtrocitusGorilla Grodd, Harley Quinn
"Just saying. The armor knows how to kill you." Aquaman, Atrocitus, Green Arrow, Superman
"Lady, I was a big fan." Wonder Woman
"Leave Earth. We have enough rage." Atrocitus
"Let's figure out what powers we've really got." Supergirl
"Let's see if I can knock him loose." Firestorm
"Let's see what I look like when I lose." Blue Beetle
"Man, you are as nuts as it says." Joker, Mr. Freeze
"Maybe give that rage a siesta?" Atrocitus
"Might need a bigger gun." Deadshot
"Mind if we get a picture after?" The Flash, Hellboy, Michelangelo, Starfire, Sub-Zero, Supergirl, Vixen
"Move along, crazy lady." Cheetah
"Nice cosplay." Blue Beetle, Enchantress, LeonardoSub-Zero, Supergirl
"Not after your heel turned, bro." Green Lantern, Raiden
"Not cool, man!" Aquaman, The Flash, Raphael
"Not for long." Doctor Fate, John Stewart
"Not so new I can't take you." Captain Cold
"Okay, Adam, best two out of three?" Black Adam
"Okay. Grammar police... you won't." Brainiac
"Right there, you just prove its point." Darkseid
"Says every girl at school." Brainiac
"Scarab doesn't say nice things about you." Darkseid, Raiden, Red Hood
"Scarab is screaming in my ear to kill you." Joker
"Scarab says gorillas are herbivores." Gorilla Grodd
"Scarab says to kick your ass." Green Lantern, Joker
"Scarab says you talk to fish." Aquaman
"Scarab thinks you're a threat." Firestorm
"Scarab's got your tech beat." Atom, Cyborg, Green Lantern, Grid
"Shall we duel, your highness?" Aquaman, Darkseid, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman
"Slowing down, old timer?" The Flash, Green Arrow
"So Batman really wants me in?" Black Canary
"So, did Wonder Woman's sword leaves scars?" Harley Quinn
"So is the Green Lantern ring." Green Lantern
"So that's what I look like?" Blue Beetle
"So you can talk to plants?" Swamp Thing
"So, you're one of Flash's enemies?" Captain Cold, Reverse Flash
"Sorry in advance for blasting you." Atom, Firestorm, StarfireVixen
"Sorry, Miss Ivy, I have to fight you." Poison Ivy
"Sorry. You're not on the list." Cheetah
"Still think I'm a naive boy?" Black Adam, Power Girl
"Tech built for deep space does." Captain Cold
"Tell 'em this is for Jaime's allergies." Swamp Thing
"Thanks. I guess." Atom, Cheetah, Green Arrow, Mr. Freeze, Raiden
"That escalated quickly." Batman, Bizarro, Enchantress, Reverse Flash, Wonder Woman
"That suit's a knock-off." Blue Beetle, John Stewart, Reverse Flash
"That's not saying much." Bane, Green Lantern
"The Justice League... featuring Blue Beetle!" Black Canary, Black Lightning
"The Reach got you too?" Blue Beetle
"There any line you won't cross?" Bane, Superman
"There it is! Anger issues." Raphael, Robin
"There's a reason he trusts me." Black Manta, Supergirl
"This time, I don't have Grodd in my head." Black Adam
"Thought you were a good guy, Miss Kyle." Catwoman
"Try 'buried in the part'." Blue Beetle
"We've been keeping a cell warm for you." Robin
"Well hello, beautiful." Poison Ivy
"What are you gonna kill me?" Doctor Fate
"What smells like rotten eggs?" Enchantress, Swamp Thing
"Who? The sheriff of Nottingham ?" Green Arrow
"Wow... meeting you is just so cool!" Bizarro, Hellboy, Mr. Freeze, Raphael, Starfire, Vixen, Wonder Woman
"Yeah. Till you went all Regime and stuff." Wonder Woman
"Yep, I kinda would be." Supergirl
"You and me, we're basically both newbs." Michelangelo, Supergirl
"You can't destroy Earth!" Brainiac
"You got denial bad, bro!" LeonardoRed Hood, Reverse Flash, Robin
"You know, Khaji Da makes any weapon I need." Grid, Hellboy, Jay Garrick, John Stewart, Joker, Raiden, Red Hood, Superman
"You know, the Scarab works at absolute zero." Captain Cold
"You need to seriously lighten up, dude." Raphael, Robin
"You really full of straw?" Scarecrow
"You really want to do this, Jason?" Firestorm
"You still fight with arrows?" Green Arrow
"You won't believe this armor, Batman." Batman
"You're a big man with a little brain." Bane
"You're gonna get blue." Aquaman, Green Arrow
"You're giving me goosebumps under the armor." Joker
"You're not getting Mr. Jordan." Atrocitus
"You're not gonna eat me, are you?" AtrocitusCheetah, Donatello, Michelangelo
"You're right. Won't matter." Deadshot
"You've been on both sides." The Flash
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"About what, Damian?" Robin
"Afraid the joke's on you." Joker
"Beetles are insects, not bugs." Captain Cold
"Being able to fly? Doesn't suck." Donatello, Firestorm
"Bet your gear can't do this." Cyborg
"But I'm a good guy, Swamp Thing." Swamp Thing
"But I'm not sure I'm cracked up for this." The Flash
"But I've been practicing." Batman, Deadshot, Sub-Zero
"Can't. It's fused to my spine." Gorilla Grodd
"Did you tell her you'd have to kill me?" Bane
"Didn't know that this was a test." Red Hood, Wonder Woman
"Don't judge a book by its cover." AtrocitusHarley Quinn, Supergirl
"Don't you own a mirror?" Blue Beetle
"Forget it. She's Paco girl." Firestorm
"Go back to the renaissance faire." Green Arrow
"Here I wanted us to be friends." Aquaman, Grid, John Stewart, Superman
"Hey! I'm old enough to drive." Hellboy, Wonder Woman
"I am so gonna regret this." AtrocitusBizarro, Black Canary, Harley Quinn, Raphael
"I don't work for the Reach." Atrocitus, Supergirl
"I'm actually here to detain you." Aquaman, Supergirl
"I'm all man, es pendajo." Scarecrow
"I'm fine where I am. Thanks." Poison Ivy, Raiden
"I'm for reals, brah." Atom, Blue Beetle
"I'm kinda attached to it." Cheetah, Donatello
"I'm ready to level up." Atom, Batman, VixenWonder Woman
"I'm you, Jaime Reyes." Blue Beetle
"Is your ring full of fairy dust?" Green Lantern
"It does now that I've retrained him." Batman
"It won't help, Bane." Bane
"It's nothing the suit can't handle." Black Lightning, Michelangelo, Raphael, Vixen
"It's priceless." Deadshot
"Just me and my alien war machine." Darkseid, Enchantress, Power Girl, Reverse Flash, Starfire, Superman
"Like you're about to lose consciousness?" Scarecrow
"Might as well be speaking Greek, brah." Joker, Mr. Freeze
"My mom would disagree." Brainiac
"My reputation proceeds me." Hellboy, Jay Garrick, Superman
"No siding with your fascist tyrants. Check." The Flash
"Nope. But I'm here." The Flash, Superman
"Nothing wrong with confidence." Aquaman, Catwoman
"Pay for you and the professor? No way!" Firestorm
"Really? That's all you got?" Green Arrow, Leonardo, Superman
"Scarab prefers symbiotic." Swamp Thing
"Snow goggles? Really?" Captain Cold
"Sorry, Miss Quinn, I'm know I'm gushy." Harley Quinn
"Superman's nuts. What else I gotta know?" Aquaman
"There's not really a direct translation." Cyborg
"Think I can handle a big, dumb monkey." Gorilla Grodd
"Wait... You're in the Birds of Prey ?" Black Canary
"What are you talking about?" Black Adam, Joker
"What else that ring tells you?" Green Lantern
"Whatever it is, I don't want it." Poison Ivy
"Whatever you say, cat lady." Atrocitus
"Why would I do that?" Darkseid, Enchantress, John Stewart
"With the war machine on my spine." Black Manta, Doctor Fate
"Yeah. Thanks for asking." Batman, Black Lightning, Leonardo, Supergirl
"Yeah. Then what happened?" Catwoman
"You don't. It's really gross." Firestorm
"You haven't beaten me." Brainiac
"You need more than corny jokes." Harley Quinn
"You really think so?" Batman, Doctor Fate, Green Arrow, Red Hood, Reverse Flash, Starfire
"You'll break those claws." Cheetah
"You're in with the wrong crowd." Aquaman
"Your hair is pointy?" Black Adam
"Your head's a knockoff." Blue Beetle
"Your papa send his regards." Robin

In Battle

  • "Sorry, boss." - Occasionally a throw against Batman
  • "I got punches in punch galore!"
  • "Scarab's got all the answers."
  • "I have a few notes for you."
  • "Bats are endangered, you know." - After winning a round against Batman
  • "I think I got the better toys." - After winning a round against Captain Cold
  • "No, Khaji-Da, I'm not killing him." - After winning a round against with any male Regime characters
  • "You're right, I am a badass." - After winning a round against Firestorm
  • "You're not just... letting me win, right?" - After winning a round against Green Arrow
  • "Thought gorillas were gentle giants." - After winning a round against Gorilla Grodd
  • "I got lasers, you got no pants." - After winning a round against Gorilla Grodd
  • "B-League of Assassins is more like it." - After winning a round against Robin
  • "We're still on for lunch, yeah?" - After winning a round against Supergirl
  • "Get up, up, and away from me." - After winning a round against Superman


Defense Wagers

Attack Wagers

  • "Focus, Jaime."
  • "Nah, Scarab's got this."
  • "I am so blogging about this."
  • "That's messed up, brah."
  • "Scarab says no."
  • "It's never good enough, is it?"
  • "Ugh, I'd rather do this."
  • "Thanks for the advice."
  • "You are seriously old school."
  • "Then what's your problem?"
  • "That's totally not cool."
  • "Maybe I should've stayed in El Paso."
  • "I'll get right on that."
  • "Can't crush this bug."
  • "I may have misspoken."
  • "I don't know what that means."
  • "I suppose you are."
  • "He doesn't hide from trouble." - Clash with Aquaman
  • "I held my breath till I turned blue." - Clash with Atrocitus
  • "Who names their cat Dex-Starr?" - Clash with Atrocitus
  • "And become a brute like you?" - Clash with Bane
  • "If Iook like you, you're right." - Clash with himself
  • "Behind you, you mean?" - Clash with himself
  • "I suppose you are." - Clash with Brainiac
  • "Yeah, it's way cooler!" - Clash with Captain Cold
  • "Does he ever lose?" - Clash with Catwoman
  • "They tickle." - Clash with Cheetah
  • "The bullets sure aren't working." - Clash with Deadshot or Red Hood
  • "Too late for that, Doc!" - Clash with Doctor Fate
  • "Scarab covers Stein." - Clash with Firestorm
  • "He does? He really does?!" - Clash with The Flash
  • "I thought you were an herbivore." - Clash with Gorilla Grodd
  • "There really is another me out there?" - Clash with Green Arrow
  • "Hehehe... Yeah." - Clash with Supergirl
  • "You first, big guy." - Clash with Swamp Thing, Mr. Freeze or Darkseid
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