• Rafe Adler

    Injustice 2 revealed its final dlc characters last night and the whole world was surprised, but sadly some that many people wanted didn't make it. This is my list for top 10 characters I think should be in Injustice 3 if it ever happens

    1. John Constantine

    2. Plastic Man

    3. Judge Dredd

    4. Spawn

    5. The Mask

    6. Rorschach

    7. Beast Boy

    8. Etrigan

    9. Booster Gold

    10. Captain Atom

    Honorable Mentions: 


    Ra's al Ghul



    Well what did you think of this list. Do you agree with these or disagree?

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  • Brayden758

    Injustice 2

    November 1, 2017 by Brayden758

    Who is your highest leveled character? Who do you use the most?

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  • BalrogLune


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  • MardHawyer

    Injustice 2 Review

    July 14, 2017 by MardHawyer

    Ok guys, Injustice 2 has been released for several times. And it is really awesome! Well, last year I played Injustice pare 1: God Among Us, and in my opinion the part 2 is more successful, well, first, I want to talk about the plot. In the part 1, I think it is great and thrilling but it is quite confusing and hard to follow, as I often confused between 2 worlds! But in the part 2, it is better. The Character, the graphics is incredible, lively, beautiful, high quality! ( I nearly became crazy when I saw Joker on the screen)! The combat is great, especially the animation in the end of finishing moves or special moves! However, I have problems with master the combos of each character!

    Injustice 2 hasn't released for PC version, anyway, I su…

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  • Rafe Adler

    Red Hood PS4

    June 13, 2017 by Rafe Adler

    Ok I have Red Hood on PS4. Only problem is I can only play him on No Fear multiverse event. It won't let me select him for anything else. Anyone else having this problem?

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  • Rafe Adler

    Ok guys this is major. I got a game breaking glitch. I had around 160,000 credits saved up and went to purchase some mother boxes. I did that, but then a glitch happened and it now says I have 18,000,000,000,000 credits. It just says I have that many credits. I actually don't. I can earn credits, but it still says I didn't earn any. So pretty much I can earn credits, but it doesn't count that I did and I can't buy mother boxes. 

    Is anyone else having this problem or have fixed it and if so can you tell me how?

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  • Pm58790

    New Look Maybe?

    May 17, 2017 by Pm58790

    Injustice 2 was officially released, but now what to do with the design of this wiki. Everyone is still working on the edits of the characters, stages, and other articles.

    I've already made a wordmark just before the game was released.

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  • Bbretterson

    Injustice: Gods Among Us was a surprise hit among DC Comics fans and the fighting game community alike, with the creators of Mortal Kombat building a dark alternate universe where the Justice League has fallen apart, containing a roster full of heroes like Superman and Batman battling to the death. 2017 will see a return to Netherrealm's DC franchise with Injustice 2 coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This week Warner and Netherrealm revealed a brand new, CG-focused story trailer that teases what has changed since the original entry. Take a look below.

    Now that we have these new details, let's take a closer look at the Injustice 2 roster and its story. This new entry not only picks up the story where it left off with the alternate univer…

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  • ShadowsTwilight

    A new cinematic trailer has been released

    Along with a continued commentary about the story's main themes, that what used to be black and white is now becoming various shades of grey, it also shows what may be new playable characters, including Bane, Robin, Poison Ivy, and Brainiac, while also confirming Darksied as a playable character via pre-order bonus.

    A few personal comments:

    It's starting to look like Batman won't necessarily be the hero of this story. That would certainly be refreshing.

    Are we seriously overloading this with Batman characters again? Give the rest of the DC Universe a chance, would ya?

    This may be an Injustice trailer, but for the last third of it, or so, all I could think of was DC Universe Online.

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  • Nelmamoohead

    Ed Boon just tweeted that Injustice 2 will be released May 16, 2017. It is avaliable for preorder now. What are your thoughts?

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  • ShadowsTwilight

    While it's been a while since the last character reveal, it looks like we can at least get something just as good. Ed Boon just posted this image on his Twitter, confirming the release date for Injustice 2 as May 16, 2017.

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  • Rafe Adler

    Injustice 2 Plot?

    June 28, 2016 by Rafe Adler

    Well Injustice 2 has been announced for over 2 weeks now and people are very curious about not only the characters, but the plot. I have an idea for a plot and I want to know what you guys think about it. First off the announcement trailer features Bryan Cranston narrating and at one point he says "each time I enter the pit I emerge reborn". This has led many to believe that Cranston is supposed to be Ra's al Ghul and that "the pit" is a Lazarus Pit. This led me to come up with my idea which is that Batman saw what the Justice League was capable of under Superman's Regime. He decided that plans would have to be made. Contigency plans in case something similar to what happened in that earth happens in Earth 1. These plans are later stolen b…

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    With the completely unsurprising announcement of Injustice 2 (which looks awesome BTW), I have decided to return to this wiki after 2 years since my last update. Considering that most of the original Injustice Wiki staff has long since left, we've all got a lot of work ahead of us and I'll be happy to help!

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  • Dirtbag Daryl

    Well, Injustice 2 is confirmed and, with that, there is work ahead of us. That being said, there is far more work to do for the wiki before we get closer to that game's release.

    As I'm sure some of you know, the organization of this wiki is a bit on the poor side. In addition to that, there's a whole slew of pages that are just poorly written, formatted, etc. The infoboxes can be improved, some features could be added to the wiki, etc etc. You get the point, I'm sure.

    So, with THAT said, I will be assuming control of the wiki as head admin. With me, some fellow MK staff members may take the place of the staff that was once here. For a while now I will be switching gears from MK to here, as there's much to do and much to manage.

    Sooner or late…

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  • JoetheSchmoBroPro

    Injustice 2

    June 8, 2016 by JoetheSchmoBroPro

    Injustice 2 was just announced and we got a cool new trailer along with it. This trailer gave us a look at some of the old fighters from Injustice and even a glimpse at Supergirl. The game will release in 2017 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. NetherRealm’s community manager Tyler Lansdown even talked about the game a little in an article. He mentions that “we’re adding new characters, new environments, and we’re taking environment destruction and interaction to the next level.” And then he talks about the new feature Injustice 2 will have called the Gear System. The Gear System will allow players to create their own heroes and villains basically. It will use RPG mechanics and reward the player with loot drops for playing the game. These loot…

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  • Derpasoures


    May 16, 2016 by Derpasoures
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  • Cartoon44

    Hello, Injustice fans!

    Unfortunately, Injustice news has been quite little lately, despite the mobile game and the comic book, but we may have word on Injustice 2 coming sooner than we think.

    In Batman: Arkham Knight, there was DLC released back in January (note that it was their final DLC) that included familiar challenge maps, and in one of them featured Wayne Manor. This map alone featured one of the game's most mysterious easter eggs, as in a small room after you played the piano, it unlocked a secret door that opened up to reveal a crime evidence wall, and on it was a cell door, with the "date" listed above it: 4-25. I know, this is an Arkham Knight easter egg, but remember back in the first game where they lended several designs for th…

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  • Cari1994

    (bold added for emphasis)

    Um, okay, WHAT?! Superboy existing in the Injustice universe?! As in a version of Kon-El?! How did this happen? How is this possible if the Lex Luthor in that universe is a good guy and is Superman's friend? He obviously existed at least since Year 1. So where has he been this whole time with this whole craziness? How is it that he hasn't been seen interacting with this universe's Superman? Why has Superman been grieving over the lost chance to meet another Kryptonian with his unborn baby's death if we have Superboy existing at that time? Does he even know about this kid? Are they even related by blood? What ar…

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  • Nelmamoohead

    I think these characters should be added to Injustice Mobile. I will update this blog every so often. Feel free to suggest more characters I should make up moves for.

    Arkham Knight is a new character in Batman Arkham Knight.

    Gold Character(Avaliable for a limited time for release of Batman:Arkham Knight)

    Passive: Advanced Tactics: Everytime The Arkham Knight is power drained, he gains 10 percent health.

    1st special move: Tactical Shot: The Arkham Knight kicks of his opponent, releasing a shotgun blast.

    2nd special move: Suprising Ambush: The Arkham Knight uses an explosive to knock his opponent in the air and unleashes a flurry of shots.

    Super Move: You're Predicable: The Arkham Knight trips up his opponent by diving under him,  and directs all his…

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  • Super Sub-Zero

    The Infinite Crisis Wiki is this wiki's newest affiliate! You can now find the Infinite Crisis Wiki logo under the "Affiliates" section on the homepage, and you should be able to find it listed on the Community Messages too! Just click the logo, and you will go to the Infinite Crisis Wiki! For those who don't know what Infinite Crisis is, it's a DC Comics free-to-play MOBA game. If you want to know more, then head over to the wiki by clicking the logo below, or by clicking the logo in the "Affiliates" list on the homepage or Community Messages section!

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  • JaimeR05

    Else world The Flash

    July 19, 2014 by JaimeR05

    I need help with my Elseworld Flash. I packed Elseworld Flash in a gold pack and want to upgrade him to elite 1 but can't. I have Injustice on iOS and he doesn't appear in the store to re-buy him. I need help since the isn't an update yet.

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  • JohnsThrone

    I don't normally like doing these types of blogs, but Year Three has got me so hyped I just have to post my thoughts down and lay what I believe to be the groundwork of yet another mind-blowing chapter in the Injustice saga.

    To better understand my thoughts, let me explain what Year One and Two have established so far:

    Year One:

    • Joker's brainwashing of Superman that led to Lois Lane and their unborn child's death along with the destruction of the entire city of Metropolis.
    • Superman's murder of the Joker.
    • Superman's decision to forcefully bring about peace to the Earth.
    • Tensions with governments and Atlantis.
    • Batman's exile from the Justice League.
    • Dick Grayson's death and Damian Wayne joining Superman.
    • Formation of the Insurgency.
    • Superman completel…
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  • JohnsThrone



    ....oh crap. I'm stuck here for another year.

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  • Thewalkingdead123

    I have a serious glitch on Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile Version. It seems I can only have fifteen characters, since whenever I get a new fighter, I lose one! I lost my Catwoman, level 22 elite III! Is there any solution to this problem? If so, please comment below. Thank you in advance!

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  • Flamejoe736

    LEGO Arkhamverse

    June 22, 2014 by Flamejoe736

    Hi guys id just really apreciate if you checked out my New lego Arkhamverse Blog I add a New Lego Character everyday in the style of Arkham the link is Here ---->

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  • Mwluny

    I have all of the WBID mobile unlocks. I am looking for someone who has all of the console unlocks so we can trade. Please email me at if anyone is interested.

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  • Tijobe9

    I have the mobile version of this game and need to Link-Up with someone on the console. If you are interested pleas comment or e-mail me at i will give you my info so it does not mess up anything you have. I have about half of the achievements and will get all as soon as I can.

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  • Tijobe9

    I have the mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us and need someone with console version to link up with. If interested comment or email me

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  • Dirtbag Daryl

    Original price: $29.99

    Sale price: $7.49

    While a bit more expensive than MK9's sale price, it's still very reasonable. It's a decent port, well worth buying for nearly 8 bucks. It is very well optimized, and similar to MK9 on PC, it also comes with settings that cater to low-end PCs.

    For more information, as well as specs (minimum/recommended requirements to run the game) can be found here:

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  • JohnsThrone

    Mortal Kombat X

    June 2, 2014 by JohnsThrone

    This is JohnsThrone reporting live from my vacation spot.

    Here's the new CGI trailer for Netherrealm Studio's next game:


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  • Ermacpunk15

    Attention Injustice users. With a new MK teaser and e3 coming up, we're going to be streaming E3 in mk chat on June 9-12. It'd be great if some of you guys could come, we don't interact often anyways. More information about it can be found here. If you can't make it that's understandable. There's no pressure at all. Feel free to join whenever you like. Hopefully we see you guys there.

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  • Super Sub-Zero

    Ed Boon has been counting down to June 2nd for the past month or so, hinting and teasing a reveal. We all knew it was coming, but now it's confirmed, along with a trailer and some details! BEHOLD! "Mortal Kombat X"! Even thought we have details, there still isn't much. Mortal Kombat X will make it's first public appearance at E3 2014, so we should get more details then!

    • Mortal Kombat X will be avaliable in 2015.
    • It will be on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.
    • The game will be powered by "next-gen technology".
    • MKX will combine "cinematic presentation with all new gameplay to deliver the most brutal Kombat experience ever" and will offer "a new fully-connected experience that launches players into a persistent online conte…
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  • Neatguy101

    Everyone may be wondering how come Robin is not in Injustice so im just going to confess Robin is Nightwing you can play as him in two different game mode campaign and free play but to play as Nightwing you have to unlock him so basically just complete the whole campaign so then you can unlock ore characters


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  • Thewalkingdead123

    Hello people of the Injustice wikia! I am Thewalkingdead123 (as you may know)! I am here to introduce my new series...

    In this series, I will name two characters, and you guys and gals will vote on who you think will win. This will happen daily on my user page!

    Coming, possibly today!

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  • Robertoarcos


    I have an old ipad that I have been using for the past year. I have recently bought a new mini ipad. I would like to migrate the injustice gods among us game. But only that game. I have games on the new one that I do not want to overwrite.

    Is it possible? If so, can anyone walk me through?

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  • Cetr1301

    PLease i need an WB account to unluck staff in INjustice for iphone

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  • ArkhamHarlequin

    Arkham Harley should be stronger in Injustice Ios. I bought the console edition for her and she is one of the weakest characters with her horrible ability Pop Pop. Arkham should have Line of Fire and should be stronger than the Animated Harley Quinn, the Joker Insurgency, and about as strong as Batgirl and Lobo. 


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  • Neatguy101

    As we all know there is more than 150 characters in DC and they make new ones every year or new versions of them.But the most known hero is Bat man and Robin then new heros were made like Flash and night wing then that's when they had the justice league there like marvels Sheild but better then in Justice league of doom Cyborg was added to the Justice league. So I just wanted to talk about the Justice League and other heros I will try to make this a every day thing if this goes well.

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  • Awsometigeredshark12

    Hi this is my blog you want to see this blog is a game so pick a character and create a question.

    1. Batman
    2. Nightwing (Blue)
    3. Zatanna
    4. Superman (Good)
    5. Green Lantern
    6. Green Arrow
    7. Wonder Woman (Good)
    8. Ciyborg (Good
    9. Martian manhunter
    10. Aquaman (Good)
    11. Batgirl

    1. Damian Wayne
    2. Black Adam
    3. Bane
    4. Catwoman
    5. killer frost
    6. Ares
    7. Hawkgirl
    8. Superman (Bad)
    9. Sinestro
    10. Yellow Lantern 

    1. joker

    1. Kill-rewarded for Killing a super hero
    2. Justice-reward for defeating a Super Villain
    3. God Among Us-reward for killing 5 Super Hero
    4. Death Among The false God-reward for defeating 5 super villain

    None For A While.

    • If five character died i'll Add Another one
    • i'll reply to a comment user if the user is the one who win an achivement

    None for a while

           "Note: ill add a user here to keep this updated  it's not actual admin…

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  • Super Sub-Zero

    I know I should have said this a long time ago, but I thought you guys would already know that I wouldn't. But still, I just feel like I should say it.

    A lot of people might think I have no interest in the Wiki unless I'm an Admin, like it's the only thing I like on the Wiki. It isn't, even if I didn't have Admin status, I would still get on here. The only reason why I said I would leave the Wiki if I didn't have Admin status a long time ago, I was wrong. And I was mad. And I normally say things I don't mean when I'm mad.

    Again, I should have said this like 3 months ago or something, but I just need to get that off my back.

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  • Super Sub-Zero

    We already know that Mortal Kombat 10 is in the works. I mean, there's been tons of leaks, rumors and people actually saying that there's a new MK being made. But yesterday, there was news from WonderCon that a Injustice sequel is being made. So we know there's going to be a Injustice: Gods Among Us sequel, but we also know Mortal Kombat 10 is in the works as well. Something we don't know however, is when are they going to be announced? Some people think they will announce one of them (or both) at EVO or E3. Well, we now know that Warner Bros. will be at E3. So basically, the chances of Injustice 2 or Mortal Kombat 10 (or both) being revealed at E3 are high. Like, super high!

    For those who don't know, E3 2014 is set to happen on June 10th t…

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  • JoetheSchmoBroPro

    As many of you know there hasn’t been any real big news about Injustice, besides the latest mobile game updates. And if you don’t play the mobile game, like me then you probably weren’t very excited about these updates. But it looks like there may be some great news for an Injustice Sequel in the works. An article found by one of our very own AWC, mentions a rumor that Batman: Arkham Knight was going to be released next year in 2015. Which is weird since it was originally slated to arrive before the end of 2014. But according to a report from Comic Book Movie, the representatives at DC Comics were misheard when announcing the release date, and instead they were referring to another title. And it turns out the representatives at DC Comics w…

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  • JohnsThrone

    I don't know how many of you actually pay attention to such things but regardless some of you must have noticed the image glitches affecting certain pages. Wikia's server is having issues so there's no need for alarm as they're working on the problem at the moment. As I've learned the hard way replacing the image doesn't correct the problem so please don't try that. Chat has also been affected but once again, many of you aren't on there so I doubt you've noticed.

    This is just a general update for the wiki itself and to inform anyone who cares that the problem is being handled, but it's going to take a while.

    Edit: Just found out a patch has been released that prevents newly posted images from being affected while the already damaged pics are …

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  • Craftedlucas05

    Who is excited of the new feature of injustice gods among us online on the mobile app.

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  • Flamejoe736

    In recent news the Injustice app has released a new update featuring so uch more than we had before.Itjust makes me thankful that boon was the gguy that created this he we were all being trollled asking for skins we knew were never gonna happen voting on poles and asking for things and well this trailer will pretty much show you!

    This just shows boon dd listen to us all those skins we wanted look like we are gonna get them maybe not on our cosoles but on our phones and tablets

    by the looks of it we now  have a bunch of new skins

    • Nightwing New 52
    • Arrow
    • Harley Quinn Animated Series
    • Catwoman (Batman Returns)
    • Sinestro (Green Lantern Corpse)
    • and im sure many more will be revealed!

    not only that but we now have online mode,leaderboads and well its just s…

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  • Super Sub-Zero

    It's been a full year since Injustice's release back in April 2013! The game has been out for an ENTIRE year! It's weird, it seemed like it was yesterday when I was on the Wiki getting "hyped" for the release of Injustice. It's crazy seeing how far the Wiki has come, as well as the game. Heck, I remember when Lex Luthor's page had a picture of his MK vs. DC Universe appearance, because we didn't even know what he looked like in the game. I remember when everyone was picking apart the trailers, trying to find hints of characters possibly making it in, and how everyone was talking about which characters they wanted in. Oh yeah, and don't forget Ed Boon's tweets, how he would hint at things, or just joke around making us think a certain chara…

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  • Super Sub-Zero

    Dying for more characters? More stages? AND More costumes? Then all you have to do is wait until September 12th 2014, because Injustice is getting a Turbo Ultimate Extreme Ultra Legendary Edition! It will come with 4 new characters, which has been revealed to be: Black Canary, Static Shock, Red Hood and Darksied. 4 new stages, which hasn't been revealed, and a new costumes. Some of the costumes have been revealed, but not all: Robin costume for Nightwing, Green Lantern costume for Sinestro and Crystal Frost for Killer Frost.

    Ed Boon has been teasing it all day, but he finally revealed it. And no, it isn't an April Fool's Day prank, it's actually coming. Take a look at it's box-art:

    As you can see, the box-art is on the right.

    They also confir…

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  • Super Sub-Zero

    A new Hotfix has been released for the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 versions of the game! It doesn't do much, but it fixes a couple of known issues:

    • Batgirl can no longer leave an invisible bola attached to the opponent.
    • True combos started from a push block no longer do damage.

    And that's it. Like I said, it doesn't do much, but it does fix some issues. It's cool that we won't have to deal with Batgirl's annoying Bola Glitch, and Combos started from a Push Block (such as Sinestro's Push Block Combo Set-Up).

    They also said that they are "investigating the issue with PS4 and PC.", so I guess we can expect a Hotfix for those versions too!

    Source: 3.5.14 Hotfix -

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  • Cduncan

    In my most recent gold packs, I got:

    • Doomsday (on my iPad)
    • Regime Superman (iPad)
    • Insurgency Batman (iPad)
    • Red Son Wonder Woman (on my iPhone)
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  • Craftedlucas05

    Vilain or Hero

    February 27, 2014 by Craftedlucas05

    Who would you like to play with a Hero or a Vilain and who would it be?

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