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Black Mask makes several appearances in the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic. He is also one of Batman's nemeses.


Roman Sionis, better known by his criminal alias Black Mask, is a longtime enemy of Batman and one of the most prominent figures in Gotham City's organized crime. Once a member of Gotham's social elite and president of makeup giant Janus Cosmetics, Roman's own poor business sense led to a series of decisions that largely destroyed his reputation as both. Humiliated, Roman sought revenge on those he perceived to be responsible for his misfortunes - namely, Bruce Wayne and his company. To this end, Roman created the identity of the crime lord named Black Mask, as well as the criminal organization known as the False Face Society.

Role in Injustice

Year One

Black Mask is briefly seen fighting against the Justice League in Harley's Quinn's riot in Arkham Asylum.

Year Five

Powers and Abilities

Black Mask is a dangerous crime lord known for his sadism, and has enough skill in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship to fight Batman and his proteges on almost even footing.


Black Mask's face is deformed after his trademark mask was burned into his very flesh. He wears an orange Arkham patient jumpsuit. When he reappears in Year Five, he dons a familiar all black suit to better suit his status as a crime boss.