Injustice 2

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"A mere man with a heat ray can." Swamp Thing
"All I needed was a little bait." Superman
"An oath you're about to break." Green Lantern
"Another alien invader." Power Girl, Starfire
"Another meta-human freak." BizarroBlack Canary, Firestorm, Poison Ivy, Starfire
"Are you my Ghost of Christmas Future?" Hellboy
"Atlantis is the problem, and I'm the solution." John Stewart
"Because you're a stone cold killer." Grid
"Business is my only pleasure." Deadshot, Poison Ivy
"Catching you was easy." Aquaman, Catwoman, Joker, Superman, Swamp Thing
"Cross me and I'll take your daughter." Deadshot
"Dead gods are a natural progression." Black Adam
"Dead kings are my specialty." Aquaman, Black Adam
"Don't break the deal, Deadshot." Deadshot
"Everybody dies." Batman, Reverse Flash, Wonder Woman
"First rule: Don't leave loose ends." The Flash, Scarecrow
"First step is to butterfly you." Black Canary, Donatello
"Go back to the kiddie pool." Atom, Blue Beetle, Jay Garrick, Robin
"Gonna make a fine soup, turtle." Donatello
"Got a reason for hunting me down?" Brainiac, Deadshot
"Green guppy." Green Arrow
"Heard you don't kill women and children." Captain Cold
"How can you defend Aquaman?" Green Lantern
"I am not looking for an apprentice." Robin
"I better douse those flames." Firestorm
"I don't leave witnesses." Captain Cold
"I enjoy killing monsters." Atrocitus, Cheetah, Scarecrow
"I hate the Multiverse." Black Manta
"I have a Kryptonite carving knife." Supergirl
"I haven't killed someone all day." Vixen
"I only used you to obtain Fear Toxin." Scarecrow
"I prefer to watch." Red Hood
"I should be in charge, Grodd." Gorilla Grodd
"I will be witnessless." Captain Cold
"I will pay any price for vengeance." Superman
"I'll feed you to your hyenas." Harley Quinn
"I'll gut you like a fish." Aquaman, Black Lightning, Green Lantern, Reverse Flash, Supergirl, Vixen
"I'm deadly in the water and out." Cyborg
"I'm looking for a mutual friend." The Flash
"I'm not here for you." Blue Beetle
"I'm not looking for an apprentice." Robin
"I've been the worst, Hellboy." Hellboy
"I've fought the crime syndicate and won." Darkseid
"It's game over, Cheetah." Cheetah
"Joining Superman was stupid." Bane
"Killing freaks is my specialty." Bizarro, Reverse Flash, Supergirl
"Killing you won't take long." Aquaman, Firestorm, Swamp Thing
"Last mistake you'll ever make." Bane, Brainiac, Green Lantern
"Let's see if it keeps you alive." Black Lightning, Black Manta, Harley Quinn, John Stewart, Vixen
"Magic freaks like you belong dead." Doctor Fate, Enchantress
"Maybe I should cut it off for you." Joker
"Maybe I've got his corpse in my pocket." Atom
"My father deserved a second chance." Doctor Fate, Mr. Freeze
"No, alien, you should be careful." Superman
"Nobody invited you to this planet." Starfire
"Nothing perfect lasts forever." Catwoman, Mr. Freeze
"Now this fight is something new." Donatello
"Now you've done well in the squad." Grid
"Out of my way!" Black Adam, Enchantress
"Picking a fight?" Atrocitus, Darkseid, Green Arrow, LeonardoMichelangelo, Raphael, Red Hood
"Ray Palmer's already dead." Atom
"So you're an assassin turned hero." Sub-Zero
"So you're with Aquaman?" Poison Ivy, Raiden
"Swamp freak." Swamp Thing
"Take your own advice, kid." Donatello, Robin
"That is no defense." Aquaman
"That gear belongs to me." Black Manta
"That justifies me killing you." Blue Beetle
"That smile just creeps me out." Harley Quinn, Joker
"That's what Aquaman said." Cheetah, Doctor Fate, Power Girl, Wonder Woman
"The world's changed since your day." Jay Garrick
"Then I'll kill your family." Black Canary
"Then you could suffer equally." Wonder Woman
"Then you still have a heart to rip out." Cyborg
"Then your head will make a fine trophy." Enchantress, Gorilla Grodd
"There can be only one." Black Manta
"This is a waste of my time." Atom, Batman, Bizarro, Brainiac, Green Arrow, Hellboy, Joker, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Sub-Zero
"This just got a whole lot more interesting." Atrocitus, Catwoman, Raiden, Scarecrow
"Together we could crush Atlantis." Atrocitus, Batman, Grid
"Too bad you won't be around to help." Grid, Jay Garrick
"Try manipulating someone who cares." Atrocitus, Power Girl
"We are shocks of the same shiver, Freeze." Mr. Freeze
"We both got the same dead eyes." Mr. Freeze
"Welcome, Barry Allen." The Flash
"What a waste of material." Sub-Zero
"What do you think you're doing?" Bane, Cheetah
"What does it feel like to die?" Red Hood
"What the hell do you want?" Atom, Cyborg, Sub-Zero
"Where's your backbone, Batman?" Batman
"Which hostile race are you with?" Power Girl, Raiden
"Why does an Amazon defend Atlantis?" Wonder Woman
"You can't be serious..." Bizarro, Harley Quinn
"You didn't plan for me, did you?" Brainiac
"You have such flawless skin, Catwoman." Catwoman
"You know lightning and water don't mix." Black Lightning, Raiden
"You look unstable." Firestorm
"You murdered my father." Aquaman
"You picked the right time to show up, Vixen." Vixen
"You should be patrolling deep space." John Stewart
"You'll be the first to die today." Aquaman, Black Canary
"You'll join Aquaman next." Bane
"You'll poison Atlantis for me." Poison Ivy
"You'll resist, but you'll fail." Aquaman, Supergirl
"You'll take that pride to the grave." Aquaman, Black Adam, Black Lightning, Gorilla Grodd, Green Lantern, Michelangelo
"You're a little fish in my pond." Green Arrow, Red Hood
"You're just a defenseless boy." Blue BeetleRobin
"You're just an exercise to me." Captain Cold, Reverse Flash
"You're messing with the wrong human." Atrocitus, Darkseid, Enchantress, Leonardo, Raphael
"You're more machine than man." Cyborg
"You're not the first megalomaniac I've met." Darkseid, Gorilla Grodd
"You're out of your element." Atom, Captain Cold, Hellboy, Jay Garrick, Michelangelo
"Your magic is useless!" Doctor Fate
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"Aliens are no better than Atlanteans." Brainiac, Supergirl
"By expediting your death." Cyborg
"Costume switches don't win fights." Enchantress
"Everyone has something to lose." Superman
"Finally, a new rug." Cheetah
"Give me the Atlantean!" Black Adam
"How do you know my real name?" Green Arrow
"I buried my heart with my father." Jay Garrick, Starfire, Supergirl
"I don't need help from you, freak." Cheetah, Reverse Flash
"I don't socialize." Gorilla Grodd, Power Girl
"I kill anyone who threatens me." Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Starfire
"I know where Zoe lives." Deadshot
"I made this, you freak." Black Manta
"I use science to kill people." Atom, Donatello, Mr. Freeze
"I would rather die than surrender." Aquaman, Green Lantern, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman
"I'd rather kneel before Aquaman." Darkseid
"I'll cheer up when Aquaman dies." Harley Quinn
"I'll enjoy bleeding you dry." John Stewart
"I'll gouge your eyes out." Sub-Zero
"I'll kill you and everyone you ever loved." Aquaman, The Flash
"I'm a totally depraved son of a bitch." Catwoman, Vixen
"I'm not afraid to kill an alien either." Brainiac
"I'm the predator. You're the prey." Aquaman, Leonardo, Vixen
"it's designed to make you a corpse." Bane, Sub-Zero
"It's a helmet, you idiot." Bizarro, Grid
"It's the pressurized heatwave." Power Girl
"I've dedicated my life to vengeance." Atrocitus, Doctor Fate
"Justice isn't necessarily kind." Doctor Fate
"My aim is for the fall of Atlantis." Atom, Raiden
"My heat rays will burn you to cinders." Bizarro, Deadshot, Firestorm. Scarecrow, Swamp Thing
"Never did like leaving a trail." Grid
"One cut to the right vein is all I need." Leonardo, Reverse Flash, Robin, Superman
"Reptilian freak." Raphael
"So was my father." Aquaman
"That makes two of us." Atrocitus, Black Canary, Black Manta
"The helmet stays on, Ivy." Poison Ivy
"Then maybe you should've avoid me." Atrocitus, Captain Cold, Cyborg, Joker
"Then there's about to be a murder." Black Canary
"Then you'll have me as an enemy." Batman, Wonder Woman
"This one sure as hell isn't." Gorilla Grodd, Raiden
"Vengeance... against Atlantis." Green Lantern
"What today's lesson, freak?" Donatello
"Who the hell are you talking to?" Firestorm
"You got a problem with that, Garrick?" Jay Garrick
"You'll be my first kill today." Batman, Black Adam, Darkseid, Enchantress, Green Arrow, Hellboy, Michelangelo, Red Hood
"You'll lead me to Aquaman." The Flash, Wonder Woman
"You'll live longer if you help me kill Aquaman." Bane, Captain Cold, John Stewart
"You'll take my optic blast seriously." Harley Quinn, Hellboy
"You're too unpredictable, Clown." Joker
"Your death will be on Batman's hand." Blue Beetle
"Your life's in jeopardy, boy." Michelangelo, Robin

In Battle

  • "Atlantis will be ashes in my wake." - After winning a round
  • "Even the Trench fear me."
  • "If you resist, you'll suffer." - After winning a round
  • "Let's get this over with." - After winning a round
  • "Meet the Devil."
  • "My rays burn."
  • "Revenge is all that matters." - After winning a round
  • "That should leave a scar." - Occasionally after performing a throw
  • "The deepest seas aren't safe for you." - After winnign a round
  • "You brought this on yourself!" - After winnig a round
  • "You will sink like a stone."
  • "Die without dignity."
  • "I brought a hook to hang you from."
  • "I smell blood in the water."
  • "Go to your father, almighty king!" - After winning a round against Aquaman
  • "I'll bleed Mera dry." - After winning a round against Aquaman
  • "Today, you die, Arthur Curry!" - After winning a round against Aquaman
  • "The Others died because of you!" - After winning a round against Aquaman
  • "This is for my father!" - After winning a round against Aquaman


Defense Wagers

  • "Pressure crushing you yet?"
  • "This won't be catch and release."
  • "Why don't you just give up?"
  • "You're sinking."
  • "Death to Atlantis' allies!"
  • "My father deserves vengeance."
  • "I'll fillet you like a fish."
  • "You're about to get burned."

Attack Wagers

  • "Let's see if your corpse floats."
  • "A fool like you can't stop me."
  • "I rather die here."
  • "I'm not the victim here."
  • "Choke on the harpoon!"
  • "Your family will pay."
  • "Ever been gutted before?"
  • "I'll bleed you out slowly."
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