Injustice 2

Story Mode

  • "Hal Jordan!"
  • "Sinestro's Yellow Lanterns slaughtered millions--and their victims demand vengeance! You may have cast off their ring, but you are not absolved..."
  • "Dex-Starr would tear your heart out and lap your blood, but I sense you have a higher calling... A spark glowing within you. A spark... of rage!"
  • "You may have overcome your fears, but you still betrayed the Green Lanterns. Hurt your allies. How could you ever forgive yourself?"
  • "Then burn!"
  • "Become vengeance... Join the Red Lanterns!"
  • "Your world is burning. And when it is ashes, you will beg for vengeance!"
  • "Rage..."

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"A distinction without a difference." Brainiac
"A Red Ring bound..." Atrocitus
"And what happens to kindling?" Scarecrow
"Angry about your sister?" Captain Cold
"Bring me Hal Jordan!" Batman
"But so many children ungrateful." Cyborg
"Come here, Black Canary..." Black Canary
"Creature of twigs and leaves." Poison Ivy, Swamp Thing
"Dex-Starr shall gnaw your bones." Batman, Blue Beetle, Joker
"Die, fishman!" Aquaman
"Direct your anger inwards." Bizarro, Cheetah, Raiden, Reverse Flash
"Do not deny your rage." Catwoman, Doctor Fate, Hellboy
"Do plants feel pain, Swamp Thing?" Swamp Thing
"Does your power match mine?" Atrocitus, Swamp Thing
"Earth's hero turned villain." Jay Garrick, Superman
"Either way, you're their servant." Green Lantern
"Feline fury is the most pure." Catwoman
"Ganthet never told you, did he?" Green Lantern
"Give me your blood and rage!" Atrocitus, Batman, Hellboy, Mr. Freeze, Raphael, Red Hood
"Ha! It makes threats!" Bizarro
"He laments his death at your hands." Gorilla Grodd
"He'll serve me, Batman." Batman
"How many worlds have you collected?" Brainiac
"I am judge and executioner." Joker
"I can't ignore such rage." Black Manta, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Supergirl
"I dare you to judge!" Atrocitus
"I don't like green things." Green Arrow, Poison Ivy, Swamp Thing
"I heard Solovar's cries." Gorilla Grodd
"I sense great resentment." Black Manta, Cheetah
"I sense resentment towards your father." Cyborg
"I want to crush your neck." Black Canary
"I was hoping you say that." Aquaman, Black Lightning, The Flash, Supergirl, Swamp Thing
"I will make his Corps burn." Scarecrow
"I will ravage Atlantis." Aquaman
"I will rain fire upon you." Cyborg, Doctor Fate, DonatelloGreen Arrow, Swamp Thing
"I'll show you hellish hate." Bizarro, Darkseid, Hellboy, The Flash, Joker
"I'll show you how best to use it." Black Lightning, Catwoman, Cyborg
"I'll strip their armor from you." Blue Beetle
"I've not called you out to fight." Deadshot, Green Arrow
"Is that what this is?" Aquaman, Atrocitus
"It is eternal, Green Arrow." Green Arrow
"It's done. Now you die." Gorilla Grodd
"Joined, we could destroy the Guardians." Atrocitus
"Let it out." Batman, Captain Cold, Enchantress, The Flash, John Stewart
"Let's find out what angers you." Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, Leonardo, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Power Girl, Swamp Thing
"Let's see if flowers bleed." Poison Ivy
"Let's see your rage in action." Cyborg, The Flash, Gorilla Grodd, John Stewart, Reverse Flash
"Like so many children, ungrateful." Cyborg
"Looks more like oppression." Superman
"Mock me at your peril!" Jay Garrick, Michelangelo, Supergirl, Wonder Woman
"My blood burns with anger." Atom, Green Arrow, Jay Garrick
"My blood will boil you." Aquaman, Captain Cold, Michelangelo, Power Girl
"My heart died on Ryut." Harley Quinn
"My Lanterns will punish you." Black Adam, Brainiac, Gorilla Grodd, Wonder Woman
"No powers, yet you challenge me?" Green Arrow, Leonardo, Raphael, Red Hood, Robin
"Nor shall it ever be!" Joker
"Not for much longer." Black Adam, Cyborg, Gorilla Grodd, Poison Ivy
"Not from me." Robin
"Not justice. Vengeance." Green Lantern
"Now face the Red Lantern's wrath!" Aquaman, Black Lightning, Darkseid, Enchantress, John Stewart, Joker, Sub-Zero, Wonder Woman
"Perhaps a red ring is in your future." Black Manta, Darkseid, Firestorm, Raphael, Reverse Flash
"Prepare yourself, youngster." Atom, Blue Beetle, Michelangelo, Robin
"Self-hatred fills your thoughts." The Flash, Grid, Hellboy, Mr. Freeze, Supergirl
"Show me how this goddess burn!" Wonder Woman
"Sinestro seeks your power." Scarecrow
"That I killed your predecessor." Green Lantern
"That same rage created me." Superman
"The Earth trembles from your wrath." Superman
"The Green Lanterns are failures!" Green Lantern
"The Guardians' errand boy." Green Lantern, John Stewart
"The pain of loss burns you." Batman, Black Manta, Catwoman, Doctor Fate, The Flash, Raiden, Starfire
"The purity of my rage." Atrocitus
"The Red Lanterns will obey me!" Atrocitus
"Their combined rage fuels me!" Brainiac
"Then defeat will not surprise you." Atom, Doctor Fate, Red Hood
"Then die alone." Atrocitus
"Then it serves you well." Bane, Green Arrow
"Then prove your worth and join me." Black Manta, Cheetah, Power Girl, Starfire
"Then you will die standing, Amazon." Wonder Woman
"There is must rage in you." Bizarro, Cyborg, Gorilla Grodd, Reverse Flash, Wonder Woman
"There's no denying your rage." DonatelloScarecrow, Sub-Zero, Superman
"They demand vengeance!" The Flash
"They will burn alongside you." Poison Ivy
"Those you've slaughtered!" Brainiac
"Too bad you must now sleep." Bane
"Trillions demand vengeance!" Brainiac
"Unleash your anger." Batman, Enchantress, John Stewart, Power Girl
"We both hate the Guardians." Blue Beetle
"What a waste of a life." Bizarro, Blue Beetle, Deadshot, Grid, Harley Quinn
"What do you know of rage?" Atrocitus, Grid, Mr. Freeze, Reverse Flash, Scarecrow
"Who avenges the ones you can't save?" Green Lantern
"Why does Batman enrage you?" Bane
"Why should I spare your life?" Black Adam, Harley Quinn, Power Girl
"Yet you won't match my rage." John Stewart, Supergirl
"You also deceived yourself." Firestorm, Grid, Leonardo, Robin, Superman, Vixen
"You appear feeble." DonatelloHarley Quinn, Leonardo, Poison Ivy, Supergirl
"You are too treacherous to wear a Red Ring." Captain Cold, Robin
"You are young and exuberant." Firestorm, Starfire
"You could wear a red ring..." Catwoman, Michelangelo, Scarecrow, Supergirl
"You didn't avenge Oliver Queen." Black Canary
"You don't fit on the emotional spectrum." Doctor Fate, Harley Quinn
"You embrace your rage." Bane, Black Lightning, Black Manta, Power Girl, Raphael
"You have foreseen your death?" Doctor Fate, John Stewart
"You kill without rage." Deadshot
"You protect plants?" Poison Ivy, Swamp Thing
"You waste a precious resource!" Catwoman, Starfire
"You will become a Red Lantern." DonatelloMr. Freeze, Sub-Zero, Superman
"You won't deter me, Jordan!" Green Lantern
"Your blood runs today." Aquaman, Raiden, Supergirl, Wonder Woman
"Your curse isn't the Amazon's doing." Cheetah
"Your existence angers me." Atrocitus, Doctor Fate, Harley Quinn
"Your magic is no match for my rage." Black Adam, Enchantress, Raiden
"Your mercy nearly killed you." Black Canary
"Your rage is the Joker's legacy." Batman, Cyborg
"Your rage nearly equals mine." Reverse Flash, Robin, Vixen
"Your sister's plight affects you." Catwoman
"Your victims must be avenged." Aquaman, Brainiac, Darkseid, Joker, Sub-Zero, Wonder Woman
"You'll die horribly like your sister." Captain Cold
"You'll not earn another bounty." Deadshot
"You're a bug, Blue Beetle." Blue Beetle
"You're a danger to all Lanterns." Doctor Fate, Harley Quinn
"You're a tyrant, Adam." Black Adam
"You're the most vile creature I met." Bizarro, Gorilla Grodd, Joker
"You're worst than the Manhunters." Brainiac
"You've enraged Earth's people." Aquaman, Cyborg, The Flash, Superman
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"A crimson spark burns within you." Poison Ivy
"A Red Lantern needs no friends." Aquaman, Deadshot, Gorilla Grodd, Poison Ivy, Starfire
"And why should I aid you?" Atom, Brainiac, Gorilla Grodd, Grid
"Anger is strength, Swamp Thing." Swamp Thing

"Anger is your deadliest weapon."

Atom, Firestorm, Mr. Freeze
"Another Atrocitus." Atrocitus
"Be silent, boy!" Blue Beetle, Hellboy, Leonardo
"Demented girl." Enchantress, Harley Quinn
"Do not meddle in my affairs." Cheetah, The Flash, Leonardo
"Don't say it..." Joker
"Fear is your weapon, not rage." Black Adam
"He would regret that decision." Green Lantern
"Hot enough to scorch the Earth!" Swamp Thing
"I am wrath incarnate!" Atrocitus, Cyborg, DonatelloMichelangelo, Starfire, Swamp Thing
"I can taste your blood already." Blue Beetle, DonatelloGreen Arrow, Harley Quinn, John Stewart
"I fight where my rage requires it." Aquaman, Black Lightning, Jay Garrick, Superman
"I see a future bathe in blood." Doctor Fate, Mr. Freeze, Raphael, Reverse Flash, Supergirl
"I sense your rage, Clown." Joker
"I will not share that honor." Atrocitus
"I will not weaken." Supergirl, Wonder Woman
"I will unbridle your anger." Cyborg, Enchantress, Green Lantern, Raphael, Red Hood
"I wore red eons before you!" The Flash
"If you could, I would die." Batman
"I'll incinerate your corpse!" Aquaman, Atom, Catwoman, Hellboy, MichelangeloReverse Flash
"Irritating female." Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Power Girl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman
"Listing the ways you can die?" Deadshot
"My rage has burned for eons." Aquaman, Batman
"My raging spirit, manifested." Cheetah
"Not till I've achieved my goal." Blue Beetle
"Only if your rage is lacking." Atrocitus
"Over my dead body!" Bizarro, Brainiac
"Quiver in my presence, worm!" Robin, Scarecrow
"Rage fuels you, Damian Wayne." Robin
"Rage is my natural state." Atrocitus, Doctor Fate, Firestorm, Grid, John Stewart
"Some more than others." Batman, Catwoman
"Spare me your threats, Superman!" Superman
"That of the Blackest Night." Green Lantern
"The blood prophecy foretells your death." Aquaman, Bizarro, Doctor Fate, Green Arrow, Joker, Raiden
"The universe demands my vengeance!" Doctor Fate, Jay Garrick, Power Girl, Swamp Thing
"Their Manhunters killed my people." Brainiac, Gorilla Grodd, Green Lantern
"There are hundred of Red Lanterns." Black Canary, Green Arrow, John Stewart, Superman
"They are mine to command!" Bane
"They fear you too." Supergirl
"To give you a Red Ring, Jordan." Green Lantern
"Until his death at my hands." Green Lantern
"Vengeance is everything!" Scarecrow
"What fuels your rage?" Black Canary, Power Girl
"What is karma, woman?" Poison Ivy
"What makes you the real Atrocitus?" Atrocitus
"What will you use?" Robin
"Whether or not you survive this fight?" Green Arrow
"You are nothing to a Red Lantern." Batman, Darkseid, Sub-Zero, Vixen
"You can't pry it from my finger!" Catwoman, Gorilla Grodd
"You dare insult me, human?!" The Flash, John Stewart, Raiden, Reverse Flash, Scarecrow
"You don't know me, weakling." Darkseid, Superman
"You have escaped punishment too long." Green Lantern, Joker, Sub-Zero
"You should fear us, Brainiac!" Brainiac
"You stand in my way, robot." Cyborg
"You would be a powerful Red Lantern." Wonder Woman
"Your anger conceals your tears." Black Manta, Captain Cold, Green Lantern, Red Hood
"Your hate must prove worthy." Bane, Black Manta
"Your rage is insufficient." The Flash, Harley Quinn, Jay Garrick
"Your victims demand justice." Black Adam, Black Manta, Cyborg, Darkseid
"Your weapon doesn't concern me." Blue Beetle, Captain Cold

In Battle

  • "For the Red Lanterns!"
  • "My rage is pure!"
  • "Die in the fires of hatred." - After winning a round.
  • "I will bathe in your blood." - After winning a round.
  • "Do I make you angry?" - After winning a round.
  • "I will grind you into dust." - After winning a round.
  • "There's no hope for you." - After winning a round.
  • "The Guardians are next, Jordan." - After winning a round against Green Lantern
  • "Your rage is a tantrum." - After winning a round against Robin
  • "All Kryptonians must die." - After winning a round against Supergirl or Superman
  • "The hate of your victims flows through me." - After winning a round against any Society members
  • "This is justice for a billion worlds!" - After winning a round against Brainiac
  • "Your ship cannot protect you." - After winning a round against Brainiac
  • "You fail, subhuman." - After winning a round against Gorilla Grodd
  • "Your rage pleases me!" - After winning a round against Green Lantern
  • "Will is useless without rage." - After winning a round against John Stewart
  • "Your punishment is deserved." - After winning a round against any Regime members
  • "Vengeance demands your death!" - After winning a round against any Regime members
  • "You're too weak to rule." - After winning a round against Superman
  • "Together with our hellish hate..." - During Super Move
  • "We'll burn you all..." - Super Move
  • "That is your fate!" - Super Move


Defense Wagers

  • "Does my power impress you?"
  • "I'm unimpressed thus far."
  • "I can feel your fury."
  • "Fight angry."
  • "Does my power impress you?"
  • "Submit to my anger."
  • "You'd be a perfect Red Lantern."
  • "Your rage gives you strength."
  • "Your blood will spill."
  • "My rage will consume you!"
  • "Let your rage flow."
  • "Taste my bite."
  • "Unleash your rage."
  • "You deflect my rage."
  • "Your anger is intoxicating."
  • "I will taste your blood."
  • "My rage is unending."
  • "I'll rip off your limbs."
  • "You need a Red ring."
  • "Kahndaq's savior bleeds." - Clash with Black Adam
  • "Ready to be crushed, bug?" - Clash with Blue Beetle
  • "How did a child gain such power?" - Clash with Blue Beetle
  • "Why mask your anger?" - Clash with Catwoman
  • "Now do you see why red's my color?" - Clash with The Flash
  • "Now you suffer, ape!" - Clash with Gorilla Grodd
  • "Guardians' pawn." - Clash with Green Lantern or John Stewart
  • "Your absurdity is not funny." - Clash with Harley Quinn or Joker
  • "Your heart bleeds for Metropolis." - Clash with Robin
  • "Burn, fearmonger!" - Clash with Scarecrow
  • "This is for calling me a baby!" - Clash with Supergirl
  • "You're just like me." - Clash with Superman
  • "Nothing rivals a woman's fury." - Clash with any female characters

Attack Wagers

  • "I live to burn!"
  • "You'll not ridicule me again!"
  • "Your rage makes you foolish."
  • "Not so far."
  • "I'll floss with your sinew!"
  • "Your anger strengthens me."
  • "It cannot trump rage."
  • "When I killed you."
  • "You'll bathe in your own blood."
  • "My rage is my weapon!"
  • "It empowers me, fool."
  • "I admit nothing."
  • "You haven't fought me."
  • "My blood will kill you."
  • "The Butcher beckons you."
  • "I need nothing else."
  • "It is but a speck of rage."
  • "My rage burns hottest."
  • "Not without Hal Jordan." - Clash with Batman
  • "You're through mocking him!" - Clash with Blue Beetle
  • "Pleasantly, Catwoman." - Clash with Catwoman
  • "Darkseid's toys can't save you." - Clash with Cyborg
  • "My eyes are wide open." - Clash with Doctor Fate
  • "Better as a tool of vengeance." - Clash with Firestorm
  • "Dex-Starr cannot be tamed." - Clash with Firestorm or Green Lantern
  • "I will dictate the pace." - Clash with The Flash or Reverse Flash
  • "My last mistake with you." - Clash with Gorilla Grodd or Red Hood
  • "What... is a plushie?" - Clash with Harley Quinn
  • "You will find pain amusing." - Clash with Harley Quinn or Joker
  • "This is no embrace." - Clash with Poison Ivy or Bizarro
  • "Superman can't match my power." - Clash with Robin
  • "Fear me, woman!" - Clash with any female characters
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