Atlantis is the underwater continent ruled by Aquaman and is a Stage in Injustice: Gods Among Us and Injustice 2.


Injustice: Gods Among Us

Throne Room

  • Two Water Tanks on either end of the stage that can be broken open by Power Characters to unleash a giant wave of water.
  • Two Spigots on either side of the stage that can be turned by Gadget Characters to unleash a powerful stream of water.
  • On the left side of the stage a Sphere of Water can be thrown at opponents by Power Characters or bounced off of/exploded by Gadget Characters.
  • Midscreen of the stage, a Throne that the opponent can be kicked into, opening up for additional combos. Also, a Tube of Water hanging above the middle of the arena that Gadget Characters can slide on.
  • On the right side of the stage, a Tablet that can be thrown at opponents by Power Characters or bounced off of/exploded by Gadget Characters.

Injustice 2

Trench Queen Nursery

  • Glass tank
  • Nursery tank
  • Hanging balls
  • Control panel

Command Center

  • Atlantian Warrior Statues
  • Glass ball
  • The torches

Stage Transitions

  • On the right side of Trench Queen Nursery, sends the opponent flying into the waters allows the Trench Queen to devour them, but the queen is yanked back by her chains causing her to spit up your opponent. Swimming in the waters is the villain Black Manta who spears you down back into the Command Center.
  • On the left side of Command Center, the fighter flies through the pipe and gets stuck in the fan. They eventually get dislodged and slam down into the Trench Queen Nursery.


  • Atlantis is commonly known as one of the most neutral stages in Injustice, as there are very few interactables (two damaging ones on the sides of the arena, Two that can only be used to damage by Power characters, and one Movement one in the middle) and no Level transition.
  • Atlantis is Aquaman's home and kingdom.
  • Atlantis is one of two stages that do not have a stage transition, the other being Ferris Aircraft.
  • Atlantis was the only stage not to be featured in the Injustice Gods Among Us Battle Arena. The Fortress of Solitude stage was used in 2 battles, causing Atlantis not to be used.
  • Atlantis has also got an alternate theme in the game, but is never heard during battles. However, the theme can be unlocked in the Archives.


  • Aquaman vs The Joker
  • Aquaman's intro
  • Aquaman talking to The Flash and Shazam!
  • Aquaman vs Cyborg
  • Atlantean Soldier's concept art
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