Arkkis Chummuck is the Green Lantern of Sector 3014.


Arkkis Chummuck is a member of the Green Lantern Corps from Toomey VI. He comes from a warlike people who believe in honor above all else, including life. On his home planet, he was an archivist and a non-combatant by choice. When raiding parties from his world to the neighboring Xanshi were overcome by the local resident Green Lantern Reever, he made it his mission to defeat the enemy using his own knowledge. After defeating the Lantern in single combat using a yellow warsuit, he found himself selected to be the new Green Lantern of his sector. As was the custom of his people, he ate Reever's remains to honor him as a worthy opponent. Then, in an effort to bring the senseless war in his region to an end, he established himself non-violently in a position of power on both planets.

Injustice Comic

Year Two

Arkkis is among the thousands of Green Lanterns recalled to Oa. He is attacked by Hal Jordan after Jordan learns he will be stripped of his ring to prevent him from warning Superman of the Corps coming to Earth and witnesses Jordan's capture before accompanying Kilowog to Earth to capture Superman.

Arkkis arrives on Earth along with the rest of Kilowog's strike team and confronts Superman. Before they can apprehend the Man of Steel however, Cyborg fires a massive beam from the Watchtower down on Arkkis and the other Lanterns.

Arkkis easily survived the beam thanks to his ring and he engages Shazam and Hawkgirl alongside the rest of the Green Lanterns while Kilowog and Ch'p work together to subdue Superman. Arkkis is among the shocked Green Lanterns to witness Sinestro's sudden appearance and brutal execution of Ch'p.

Arkkis is among the many Green Lanterns attempting to contain Sinestro, only to repulsed by the alien warlord's weapon constructs. Arkkis is then surrounded by dozens of Sinestro Corps members after they arrive on Earth and move in on Kilowog's strike team after refusing to heed his ceasefire.

Arkkis surrenders his ring and himself to be taken prisoner on Earth on Kilowog's orders.

Year Four

Powers and Abilities

A trained combatant, Arkkis wields a green power ring which affords him the power of flight, barrier and beam projection, and construct creation.


Arkkis is a bestial humanoid alien with dark brown fur along his face. He wears the standard Green Lantern uniform along with a domino mask to conceal his identity on his home world.

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