Amon Sur is the son of Abin Sur and the Sinestro Corps member of Sector 2814.


Amon Sur, son of the late Green Lantern Corps member Abin Sur, grew up to become the man in charge of the Black Circle crime syndicate. Amon was angry at his deceased father for abandoning him for the Corps and decided to take his anger out on all Green Lanterns. Amon was eventually stopped by Hal Jordan's successor, Kyle Rayner. Amon eventually had a confrontation with Hal Jordan himself. Hal defeated the insane youth, but Amon received a duplicate of Sinestro's ring from the Qwardians and vanished.

Injustice Comic

Amon appears among the dozens of Sinestro Corps members summoned by Sinestro to battle the Green Lanterns on Earth.

Amon Sur uses his ring to keep several of the Green Lanterns restrained but is soon ordered to leave the planet by Sinestro after Superman decides to keep the Lanterns as a prisoner of war. Amon complies and departs with the rest of the Sinestro Corps.

With the destruction of both Corps, Amon's ultimate fate is unsure.

Powers and Abilities

Amon Sur possesses a Qwardian power ring which affords him the powers of construct creation, empowerment through fear, construct creation, barrier and beam creations.


Amon greatly resembles his deceased father, possessing pink skin, bald head, and white eyes while wearing the standard Sinestro Corps member uniform, a Qwardian ring on his left hand.

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