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The Amazons are highly skilled warriors and combatants. Blessed by the goddesses of Greek Mythology, the Amazons possess superhuman strength, speed, durability, and reflexes. The Amazons are part of the Regime's army in-game.

Injustice Comic

Year Two

Two Amazons accompany their queen, Hippolyta, to collect her daughter Wonder Woman from the Justice League Watchtower.

Year Four

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Two Amazons appear during Wonder Woman's supermove, the same ones appearing in her victory pose.

The Amazons appear in Wonder Woman's chapter of the story mode, being ordered by her villainous counterpart to prepare to invade the mainland before she is defeated by the alternate Wonder Woman, who successfully convinces the Amazons to turn away from their former leader and help her stop Superman's madness.

The Amazons successfully repel Aquaman's Atlantean armies and are last seen stripping the Regime Wonder Woman of her crown.