Amazo is an android created by Professor Ivo, which was repurposed by Ra's Al Ghul. The technology used to create him, however, is implied to have originated from Brainiac.

Injustice 2

After Batman's forces destroy Al Ghul's sanctuary, killing all the animals inside, Al Ghul decides to use Amazo to begin a genocide. Amazo is first seen destroying a town in Arizona, killing all the humans, but sparing the animals in a test run. Following Arizona, Zod is found fighting Batman at the Fortress of Solitude. As Zod was deemed too dangerous, Amazo engages Zod briefly before decapitating the Kryptonian. He is then sent to Delhi, but the android is intercepted by Batman 's allies as well as Wonder Woman and Black Adam. Wonder Woman and Superboy attempt and fail to overpower Amazo while Batman and Green Arrow's equipment prove worthless against the android's armor. Atom then attempts to destroy Amazo from within, but the nanites installed protect Amazo from the attempt. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle also arrive to help, but Booster is blown far away before he can do anything.

In the meantime, Professor Ivo depowers Amazo when he learns that his family resisted transportation and was killed as a result. With Damian Wayne's advice, Supergirl fights Amazo at the moon and successfully destroys him after blasting him with heat vision, followed by freeze breath and finishing off the android when his parts are weakened by the fatigue.


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