Alura In-Ze is a Kryptonian scientist and the mother of Kara.


A resident of Kandor on Krypton, Alura In-Ze is a brilliant scientist, the wife of Zor-El and the mother of Kara Zor-El. After being imprisoned for decades in her own city by Brainiac, she was finally freed, and she started working to create a new world for her people.

Role in Injustice

Alura appears in Injustice 2 Story Mode. In Argo City, on Krypton she saves her daughter Kara Zor-El from Brainiac's drones, and later puts her on a rocket directed to Earth, the same planet her nephew Kal-El is directed to. She's later killed by Brainiac's drones.

Powers and abilities

Living under a red sun, Alura doesn't possess any superpowers, but she's a skilled scientist and engineer, one of the brightest intellects on her planet.

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